White Peach - Loose Tea


From Fujian China to the United States' warm southern traditions; peach is a welcome, self-assured component of many beloved foods, drinks, and medicinals. With this white peach, a notable bond forms between the radiant, juicy, tang-teasing peach and the subdued, patient white. And what does this bond translate to for drinkers of this tisanal? The answer: a flavour collection that bursts with initial fruity notes but also entices the drinker to see how the sweetness will temper into long-blooming white-tea-true bliss.

Tea drinkers tend to organize their days around their cups. Thus its always a blessing to find a blend that can appeal with equal fervor as a hot morning pick-up and a balmy afternoon's icy reprieve. White Peach melts when hot and purifies into a singular shy sweetness when cold. Ripe and direct, this tea offer a surprising complexity in its finish as it manages to take a rounded flavor and end dryly. Sure to pique the curiosity of tea lovers and adventurous laypeople alike: this White Peach tea is a study in where sweet and mellow meet.

Don't miss out: try this Fujian-sourced White Tea today: see what all the fuzz is about! 

  • Base leaf: White.
  • Health properties: Anti-oxidant properties reported.
  • Flavor strength: Moderate. Primary collection is gardenial sucrose, dry fuzz finish, all over white.
  • Caffeine: Medium

Customer Reviews

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Purchased for my tea-loving friend
We carry more than 120 different teas so we hope your friend likes the White Peach and that just leave him wanting more. Thank you for making the connection!
The best white peach tea!
White Peach certainly is a summertime favorite! May we also suggest White Blueberry and White Tropics too?
Great taste
The White Peach truly conveys Summer in a cup and wouldn't we all like to have a taste of summer all year long? Thank you for your review, James.