Making Keeping Your Resolution a Reali-tea!

Making Keeping Your Resolution a Reali-tea!

Good morning, tea friends! How are you? We at Good Life Tea pray that you are all safe today and in a good mental state. 

One week ago we were all getting ready for our New Year's Eve festivities as well as preparing our New Year's resolutions for the 2021 year. With all that has been going on around us, I don't know about you, but I chose a manageable resolution. I chose something that I knew wouldn't be overwhelming to think about each day and that was realistic to achieve. I chose something that wouldn't be drastic or give me undue anxiety to think about. My resolution has been to replace at least one my sweets indulgences (candy, cookies, ice cream, desserts, etc) per day with a cup of tea. 

I chose to do so as a health goal for myself, to help support my local community and place of employment, and as a way of trying more of our different teas! This has been not only such a great and feasible goal for me, but also, so fun! I know, I know. I hear you. It's only been a week but, hey, I'm proud of myself for sticking to it! (There's something to say about setting achievable goals, right?)

I wanted to write this post to encourage you all as you try to stick to your resolutions, as well as to share some of my new favorite teas! 

Let's start with on Monday afternoon when I was craving some of my favorite candy, the Sour Patch watermelons. Oh baby, are those things good! I always promise myself to only eat one handful and before I know it, the whole box is gone. When I got that feeling on Monday, I thought to myself, what a perfect opportunity for my resolution! With that in mind, I thought of the flavors that my body was itching for, citrus and strawberry, then thought, "Aha! I have just the thing!". I have told you all before but my favorite tisane tea of ours is our Angel Falls Mist. This tea was just what I was looking for. It is a blend of strawberry and citrus flavors that begins with apple and orange notes and concludes with hibiscus, rosehips, and calendula. Talk about versatility! I already had this tea at home and it did the trick - so much so, that I brewed three cups! I kept my resolution and I avoided those 300 calories of gummies! 

Another craving that plagues me often is late at night I have a hankering for ice cream. A few of my favorite flavors are Panda Paws, Piece of Cake, and Cookie Dough. What's the common thread of these three? Chocolate! I certainly love chocolate and a day without it surely is not as sweet. In terms of keeping with my resolution, the other night when my sweet tooth had been aching, instead of heading to the freezer, I put on the kettle! This time I chose to brew myself a cup of our delicious Chocolate Truffle tea. With real chocolate bits in this tea, it is absolutely decadent. This is an oolong tea, meaning it is both wilted and steamed. It contains a blend of rooibos, apple, cacao beans, cacao powder, chocolate bits, natural chocolate and vanilla flavor and white chocolate bits. I highly recommend this to the chocaholics here!

Another indulgence of mine that I often prove futile in trying to resist is raspberry cheesecake. The creaminess of the texture produced along with the raspberry flavor never disappoints. When this longing crept up on me just the other day, I again was reminded to keep to my resolution promises. I went to my teas that I have at home and pulled out an old favorite of mine, our Decaf Raspberry. This is a black tea that mimics that creaminess that I so love from cheesecake with real raspberries producing an almost jam-like flavor. I love this tea so much as I am already partial to raspberry flavors and it being decaffeinated, I love that I can enjoy it at any time of the day! 

So far, my resolution has been going well (as you can see) and smoothly due to the great teas we have here! I highly recommend maybe taking up this task as part of your New Year's resolutions as well! If you choose to do so, make sure to let us know some of the teas that you choose, as well as keeping us abreast of how it's going! I can't wait to hear from you all! Stay strong, healthy, and safe! - Kaytea :) 



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