April Showers Bring May Flowers!

April Showers Bring May Flowers!

Good morning, tea friends! As you begin your day today, if you are close to us physically, we realize that you have probably experienced a little bit of rain recently. Are you as ready to welcome those May flowers that come along with the lingering "April showers", as I am? Whenever we are greeted with rain, I sometimes become somber or sluggish. But then I remember, without rain, we wouldn't have rainbows or daffodils or any of the other lovely flowers that bless, not only my eyes, but my taste buds as well! You read that right. This blog post is going to detail some of our more floral teas. If you have someone in your life (cough, cough... a mother in your life for this upcoming Mother's Day!) who loves to smell/sip the flowers, this is the blog post you've been looking for!

To begin, I'd like to mention our most popular green tea, our Kyoto Cherry Rose. This tea is absolutely delightful in terms of floral notes. It begins with a base organic, Sencha style green tea that is highlighted by the beautiful sweetness and tart of cherry and, furthermore, is enhanced by actual rose petals. What we often hear about this tea is that it is the perfect green tea for someone who thinks that they don't necessarily like green tea. The flavors of cherry and rose really take over in this tea and you won't get the usual vegetal "green" tones that you would expect from a green tea. What makes it a perfect tea to highlight in this post is the presence of the rose petals. In steeping, you will see the petals dance across your infuser. It is mesmerizing. In terms of Mother's Day, this tea is SUCH a fun way to put a twist on gifting your mom with the traditional "roses". Surprise her with a rose tea! Watch the video below for a bit more on this marvelous tea! 

Next up, I'd like to chat about our French Lavender tea. As we mention on the website: "This simple loose tea can be steeped in just a few minutes, releasing its mild floral textures and just a hint of pungency: bringing together a full herbal experience. Blended with other teas, like Earl Grey or Sencha and other green teas, it brings forth delicate floral notes that are tame." Lavender is historically known as a calming and centering herb. Its floral nature will bring forth relaxation and we love it both on its own and blended with other teas. If you would like just a hint of this lavender pleasantry, one blended tea that has become so popular that we decided to make it a permanent product proves our Earl Grey with Lavender. This tea is a base of our Earl Grey Supreme blended with our French Lavender. Just as the Kyoto Cherry Rose brings in beautiful visuals whilst steeping, our Earl Grey with Lavender does so, similarly. The dark tea leaves of Earl Grey Supreme are marvelously highlighted with the lavender light leaves. What's even better is that we also carry this blend in a decaf version! If you fall in love with this floral brew and want to drink it later in the evening, try our Decaf Earl Grey with Lavender!    

Another one of our splendid floral teas I would like to bring to your attention proves our Peaceful Journey Oolong tea. For those unfamiliar, oolong teas are teas in which the leaves are both wilted and steamed (kind of a hybrid between black and green teas). If this interests you, stay tuned, we have a feature on oolong teas coming up on the blog! In terms of Peaceful Journey, the floral force present here is hibiscus. I love this tea as it reminds me of gently walking through the garden and inhaling the beautiful, subtle tones around me. As I sip this tea, I am greeted with the sweet hibiscus notes that remind me of a rainforest or somewhere warm. It has been such, a nice tea to settle into early afternoon with because of the medium caffeine content, as well. I highly recommend this exquisite oolong as a bit of a post lunch pick me up to get you through that afternoon lull. 
I could not finish this blog post without of course mentioning our blooming teas! At the shop we have three varieties of these little balls of wonderment. We are blessed with our Jasmine Spring Blooms, our Three Flower Bursts, and our Delirium. Each of these teas are hand tied balls, with their own unique floral tones, that will quite literally bloom within your cup. We love these teas because of their ability to give you guys the power to speed up the blooming of flowers, which with the weather we have been having, I know you want to! I certainly want spring to come now! For more information on our blooming teas, please check out these blogs previously done on them. 

Easter Blooming Teas

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What are blooming teas?

If you have a tea with floral notes that brings you, or a mother in your life, joy and peace, please share it with us so that I can update our blog! We absolutely love to hear which teas you, or whomever you are sharing with, are enjoying these days. All of us at the shop truly hope that this upcoming weekend and the Mother's Day festivities bring you a break in the showers and that the May flowers start to come in. Stay dry out there and spoil a mama in your life this weekend, friends! - Kaytea :) 

P.S. If you are looking for a new way to make your iced teas, we just received a shipment of our most popular tea ware item, our Iced Tea Pitcher that comes in two sizes! I recommend you hurry to order yours because, not only are they the absolute easiest way to make iced tea, but they undoubtably always sell out fast! To learn more, check out this blog done before! 

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