Earl Grey Supreme Loose Black Tea


Keep lots of this Nobleman's tea on hand. You never know who might drop in.

Imagine being a nobleman. Imagine living in the 1800's in England on a great sprawling manicured estate. On that estate, you tend to take your tea when the landscape is fresh and lush and the part of the day that is hectic is behind you or in front of you but is not now—No, now you are at peace. Now you retreat into all that is splendid. Ushering in the reflective, calm, you sit on your marble patio, drinking in both your dense, flavorful Earl Grey  tea as well as drinking in a breath of calm in your day. 

Imagine being given your very own tea that is completely unique and tantalizingly refreshing. The second Earl Grey of England received an exquisite tea named in his honor in the early nineteenth century, thought to be a gift of diplomatic tribute. In accord with his tea drinking experience, you too can make Earl Grey Supreme your own. For the connoisseur of teas, like Earl Grey himself, our Earl Grey Supreme black tea is the pinnacle of black teas with the pungent, citrusy infusion of bergamot.  The oils of the bergamot tree yield a citrusy sap from which this infusion is drawn. Made of superior tea tips, this supreme blend has an extra infusion of lemony bergamot. Just think, the legacy of Earl Grey can be yours with this most excellent of teas—Earl Grey Supreme. 

When searched this tea is mistakenly spelled Earl Gray. 

Base leaf: Black tea.
Health properties: Anti-oxidant properties, natural calming.
Flavor strength: Moderate. Primary collection is lemony bergamot over black.
Caffeine: Moderate.

Customer Reviews

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Great Tea
Discovering the perfect tea can be frustrating but you accomplished the goal! We look forward to being your source for premium loose leaf tea for a long time to come. Sip on!
Another winner!
It's a treat for us to have such positive feedback from you. Please continue to 'Sip on'!
Wonderful flavor
You are so correct! Thank you for your review and may you have a great Earl Grey Day!