Blooms Just In Time for Easter!

  • Post by  Katie Panara Mar 16, 2021
Good morning, tea bunnies! We hope that you are all having a wonderful start to your week. As you are hopping and bopping through this week, we don't want you to forget that Easter is just around the corner! This year, Easter Sunday falls on April 4th and being the year of COVID and quarantine, you may be celebrating differently than normal. 

While this can be can be discouraging at times, there is a light at the end of this tumultuous tunnel, and we at Good Life Tea are here to make the best of it and help you through. Easter, traditionally, is a celebration of resurrection from a dark time, new life, movement toward happier and more promising times, and the opportunity to bloom. At Good Life Tea, we have some special teas that can represent this new life and blooming love.  

Have you ever wanted to be able to speed up the blooming of a flower to watch it, just as seen in the gif above? Assuming that you have, I wanted to let you know that we can help you do this with a few of our blooming teas! We have three different varieties of these, and not only are they delicious, but they are quite spectacular to watch as they steep. Blooming teas are hand-tied bundles of different flowers and tea leaves that when placed in hot water to steep, quite literally bloom. They open, releasing the flavors into your cup or tea pot, and you are left with a beautiful bouquet within. Because of the pertinent visual component of this tea, we highly recommend using either our clear glass mug or clear glass cup to steep.

I'll begin with our Jasmine Spring Blooms. As mentioned, these are hand-tied bundles of our green tea with a jasmine flower. The flavors released into your cup, mug, or teapot are soft and gentle. They are very reminiscent of the sunshine on your face on the first day of spring. It feels so delightful and warm. You will notice primarily floral notes from the jasmine that are perfectly complemented by the expected flavors of green tea. Speaking of love in bloom, my sister just got engaged this past weekend (yay!) and I imagine using these at a bridal shower for her. How lovely would it be to offer each guest a blossom to watch bloom in their glass, just as my sister and her fiancé's love has bloomed. You can use this idea for a bridal shower of your own, a baby shower, an engagement party, or anything that celebrates new and exciting growth!

The next tea blossom that we have and love here at Good Life is our Delirium blooming green tea. The dictionary defines delirium as being in a state of wild excitement or ecstasy. These are the feelings that I experience, and you will too, watching this beautiful tea unfold and open in your glass. I found the following description of this tea online and it describes it perfectly: 

"Basically, once you start pouring boiling water over one of these firework shaped pods, you'll quickly see why the name Delirium Blossom is really the only one that fits. As the water hits the tea, the pod comes alive. The leaves begin to moisten and water slowly seeps into the deepest reaches of the pod, like a growing sense of excitement and ecstasy taking over the human mind. Next, the inner spirit of the pod bursts apart unleashing an incomparable world of color and flavor rarely seen in the world of tea."

Again, you will notice floral notes that tickle your excitement for spring. Below is a preview of the excitement that awaits you! 


The last variety of these amazing tea blossoms that we have here at Good Life Tea are our Three Flower Bursts. These babies are something special! Just like the previous two, these will burst into life within your hot water. In these flowerets you will taste an almost peach-like flavor that is released from the osmanthus. You will also tastes hints of jasmine and lily. This year, as a family we can't celebrate together for Easter, so I have decided to send a blossom to each of my family members. Perhaps they can't feel the love of an actual hug from me, but because of this tea bloom, they will know that I am quite literally still "bursting" with love for them. 

If you would like to watch one of these beauties bloom, try one today! I highly recommend them for children because watching them steep brings me back to the wonderment of childhood and the magic in such simple things. If you do order a few, let us know what you and whomever you choose to enjoy them with thinks! We love the feedback and hearing from you all. Stay warm and have fun preparing for Easter! - Kaytea :)