Using Tea as a Meat Rub!

Using Tea as a Meat Rub!

Good morning, tea friends! Have you been able to stay cool this week with these heat advisories we have been receiving? I hope you have been sipping some iced tea and found ways to avoid the sweltering temperatures! One way in particular to do so proves avoiding turning on appliances in your kitchen (i.e the stove). How can you do so and still enjoy hot meals, you ask? How about that grill out back? In this blog we will be encouraging you to start cooking outdoors and teaching you about ways to incorporate our teas into doing so! Read on for more information!

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While tea is certainly most commonly consumed as a drink, and delicious we might add, it can be used for various other things as well. In this post, I'll be talking about using our teas as a meat rub or veggie seasoning! Many of our teas embody savory flavors that are delicious when used in this manner. Below I'll detail a few recipes for use in rubs or seasonings, as well as detail which teas to use in them and why!

Let's start by talking about the different types of teas. You may automatically jump to thinking of using our black teas in your rubs or seasonings just because of the coloring. Surprisingly though, green teas can be used as well, and are just as effective and enticing! For red meats such as steaks, beef, or even in portobello mushrooms, we do recommend using our black teas as they seem to pair well, but for lighter options such as chicken, seafood, or vegetables green teas are a wonderful option! 
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Let's begin with the black teas. With red meats or mushrooms, we often associate savory or smoky flavors. One tea in particular that fully embodies this oaky, smoked flavor profile is our Lapsang Souchong. Lapsang Souchong hails from the Fujian province in China. It is a dark tea that is firmly caffeinated and whose aroma reminds one of sitting beside a campfire. Due to these smoldering and prominent notes, this is a wonderful tea to use for a meat rub or seasoning. Below is just one of the recipes we recommend using our Lapsang Souchong in. 

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