The World is Weird; Tea helps.

The World is Weird; Tea helps.

Hello, fellow tea aficionados! How are you on this fine morning? As I was going about my morning routine today, I got to thinking about how truly weird our world has become. 

I was thinking about how normal it has become to see everyone around me in masks. I don't think twice about seeing cashiers now wearing gloves to check me out, and heaven forbid I hear a sneeze. It's become normal, and more regular, to see my grandparents, friends, coworkers, etc through a screen than in person. Instead of "How are you?" anymore, more frequently I hear, "How are you holding up?". All of these things have become my new normal and it's all just so... weird.  
One thing that has remained consistent throughout all of this has proved my tea. Each morning I find serenity and normalcy in boiling water, picking which tea to start my day with, holding the warm cup in between my two hands, and slowly sipping (sentimentally, as you all now know ;) ). When everything else has seemed odd or outlandish, I can always retreat to a cup of Good Life tea and find a sense of peace. 
When I am longing for this sense of tranquility I unsurprisingly reach for our C of Tranquility tea. This is one of our delicious herbal teas, and one that I always keep in my cupboard. It is comprised of chamomile, rosehips, hibiscus, and blueberry. The chamomile component puts your mind at a sense of ease that is only complemented by the floral notes of rosehips and hibiscus. This inkling of repose is then tickled with sweetness from the blueberry. I so enjoy this tea, as it reminds me of the relaxation that is felt when sitting by the sea (or "C", if you will), ocean, lake, or any body of water. You can almost hear the waves lapping on the shoreline as you sip. 
Another tea that I routinely reach for when looking for relaxation, proves our Earl Grey Supreme. As a child, my mom introduced my siblings and I to tea with Earl Grey. I associate the innocence and bliss of childhood with the flavors of Earl Grey and our Earl Grey Supreme tea brings me back to this. The base black tea here is brimming with the traditional Earl Grey flavors of lemon and bergamot. When I am enjoying this tea, I am transported back to the simpler life of childhood and not so overwhelmed with the world today. 
The last tea that I'll leave you with, and that has brought me solace, lately especially, is our Belgian Chocolate. When all things feel a bit off, stress is surely on the horizon, and I'm not sure where to turn, I find that a piece of chocolate is a good place to start in order to calm my nerves. Our Belgian Chocolate tea is a rooibos blend that hails from South Africa. Rooibos teas, loved and backed by our friend Dr. Oz, are packed with antioxidants and known to produce anti-anxiety effects. These qualities, combined with chocolate? Could this tea be anymore perfect (*said in the voice of Chandler Bing*)? You will taste a "truffle-like" flavor in this tea; derived from the cacao that is present. I love this tea any time of day, but especially in the evening as it is a dessert without the guilt and caffeine free! Don't act like the chocaholic in you didn't just get even a little excited! 
As you navigate this peculiar lifestyle that has become our new norm, take a moment to breathe and brew yourself a cup of your favorite tea. Relax, refresh, and rejuvenate, friends. Let's hope that someday soon we can all look back on these times, like this: 
Stay safe and warm. Best - Kaytea :) 

P.S. Be on the lookout for our upcoming Valentine's Day Collections! We are getting them set to go for you now! 

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