Tips for Tea While You Travel!

Tips for Tea While You Travel!

Good morning, sweet tea friends! I am back from Puerto Rico and, let me tell you, I miss the sun and the warmer temperatures! Can you hear me saying "BRRR" from there? That being said, I will tell you that while we were there, I found myself learning quite a bit about how to best travel with my tea. I want to pass on a few of these tips to you now! Read on to learn more!

1. Get yourself a Mennä travel mug!

I say this because I used mine (with no exaggeration) NON-STOP. Not only did it serve as a way to make my teas at night, it also was used as a water bottle for hikes, a container for our iced teas on the beach, and countless other purposes. We did not leave our AirBnb without one of us saying "Do you have the Mennä?" It truly was a necessity during this trip and I don't think I will travel without it again. I highly recommend adding this to your packing list for your next adventure!

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2. Our Biodegradable Tea bags!

Another item that I was incredibly happy to have handy throughout the trip proved both empty and prefilled tea bags that I had brought with us. These little guys were awesome to have prefilled when I just needed a little taste of home, and empty for the new teas that I was able to find and try right away! I also loved that I could keep a couple prefilled ones in my purse with us when we would go to breakfast or dinner and towards the end, we would each just order a hot cup of water and pop them in for an after meal treat! At Good Life Tea, we offer these in both a 20-pack and 100-pack. I would recommend going with the 100-pack, of course. You're going to need it! 

3. Some of your favorite tea/teas. 

As I mentioned briefly above, when I needed a little taste of home I was so grateful to have chosen to bring some of my own favorite teas with us. While I absolutely adored Puerto Rico and would go back in a heartbeat, sometimes living out of a suitcase and just not in your own space can get tiresome and old quickly. Just a sip of either my Angel Falls Mist or Roasted Yerba Mate would remind me that I would soon be back in my own, cozy apartment and inspired me to enjoy the time there while I still could! 

4. A fully closable container!

If you are bringing larger quantities of tea (not just in the small tea bags), I highly recommend sealing them tightly in either a Ziploc bag (perhaps with tape) or a sealed container. This is because some of our teas, if they break open and loose, can be messy and I would hate to see them get all over your clothing and belongings. As I was preparing for my own trip, I read some horror stories about this, so make sure if you are bringing more than a few cups, to seal your packaging! 

5. Ask prior to arriving at your destination about the water quality and the ability to boil water. 

We were very lucky in Puerto Rico that they had a great water quality at each location that we stayed but unfortunately sometimes that is not the case. When traveling, and as water is a key ingredient when preparing tea, make sure to ask your hosts about if you are able to drink the water, and if not, where to buy water bottles close by. If you prefer your tea hot as well, inquire about the ability to boil water. Again, we were lucky that each place we stayed provided either a kitchen space or a shared electric tea kettle

The last thing that I will recommend is that you go out of your comfort zone and try teas in new places that you may not be as likely to try at home! I tried a few new teas while away that I can see making themselves into my regular rotation! I also found out that while green teas aren't usually my first inclination, green tea ice cream quickly became something I wanted to consume daily! Who knew?! I hope that you all are able to stay warm and have a wonderful remainder of your week! Happy sipping! - Kaytea :)   


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