The Luck of the Green (Tea!)

The Luck of the Green (Tea!)
Happy St. Patrick's Day to all our leprechauns out there!
Today we want to talk about this topic: "Is good luck random?"

A 4 leaf clover is considered good luck. But to find a 4 leaf clover or your own good luck requires that you actively look for it in the clover patch of life. There are thousands of clovers and if you stop seeing clover and only see green, you will never find luck. Do you see green or clover?

Lucky people always see clover - never just green. But most importantly, they are constantly looking for their 4 leaf clover and when they spot one they grab it.

In life, when you spot your 4 leaf clover opportunity, seize your "good luck". It's not luck, its recognizing your opportunity and grabbing it. Are you on the look out for your 4 leaf clover?

Are you ready to embrace this good fortune and furthermore go on to find more of it? Even more so, this year we are focusing on helping other's find their "good luck". You can be an integral part in helping another find their four leaf clover & live out their own good luck! 

We hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating the luck of the Irish. Brew a beautiful cup of one of our green teas in honor & enjoy the color, aroma, & warmth of it!
Please recall a lucky event and tell me how you found your 4 leaf clover or helped another to do so. Thank you for all that you do with us!


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