Oh my, Heaven Sent Chai!

Oh my, Heaven Sent Chai!

Good morning, tea friends! We hope that you are all well today and have already had the pleasure of indulging in a delightful cup of tea! 

In writing to you today, I am sipping on one of our most auspicious teas, and thought, "Why not put the spotlight on this very tea today?". This morning I am on Cloud 9 (pun intended) as I am blessed to be sipping our Heaven Sent Chai.

Heaven Sent Chai is not one of my usual suspects in terms of which teas I drink, but today I was looking for a little extra spice and that is just what this gives! 
To give some background if you are new to the tea game or, perhaps, you are just curious, "chai" is simply black tea that is infused with various different herbs and spices, depending on the type. Our Heaven Sent Chai has a base organic black tea that is infused with cardamom. It is then highlighted and enhanced with layers of  clove, cinnamon, ginger, and black pepper. 
Yes! You read that right! Trust me, the first time I read our description telling me there would be pepper in my tea, I was a bit perturbed as well! All I could picture was little Jane and Michael Banks singing to me about my fate should I not be the perfect nanny! 
Fear not, friends, we will not be putting toads in your bed, and the pepper in this tea is actually absolutely delicious! Chai teas are meant to be sharp and distinct in flavor. They are meant to awaken your palette and envelope you in warmth. For our Heaven Sent Chai, initially you will be greeted with the sweetness of both cinnamon and clove. This sweetness is then overcome with more of the savory flavors of ginger, pepper, and the cardamom that is infused. Here is where you really taste the spice that we alluded to. Whilst drinking this, I want to curl up next to a crackling fire under a blanket and read a good book, or write another blog post to all of you good people! Our friend Kathryn has a similar feeling as you can see below! 
We love Heaven Sent Chai as it is a great tea for those who are just breaking into the chai realm as well as the seasoned veteran. It is a beautiful tea that is meant to be both enjoyed and appreciated. For the true "chai experience", this tea is intended to be brewed with milk, but I will have you know that it is no less as lovely brewed with water. This was just the tea I needed to today and I highly recommend it to you too! Let me know you thoughts and how it compares to some other chai teas that you may like! We, at Good Life Tea, love hearing all of your feedback! Stay safe and warm! - Kaytea :) 

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