Kyoto Cherry Rose!

Kyoto Cherry Rose!

Good morning, sweet friends! I hope that you all are having a wonderful start to your day and that the onset of spring has been nothing short of lovely for you! Today, I am enjoying the beautiful sunshine that we have been blessed with recently and enjoying a cup of our most popular green tea, our Kyoto Cherry Rose

Once you try this exquisite blend, you will not be surprised as to why it is our most popular green tea. People new to green teas are often off put by grassy, or vegetal notes. This tea doesn't have that. With a Sencha-style, organic base, green leaf, derived all the way from the hills of China, this tea is layered beautifully to avoid that verdant taste. You will instead be greeted with the floral flavors from the rose petals that grace this blend. These are not only delightful to taste, but also an absolute treat to watch dance in your cup whilst steeping. Amidst the floral facets you will also notice a sweet and almost tangy tone that comes from the cherry. 
Furthermore, our Kyoto Cherry Rose is a lovely way to either start or end your day. It has a way of providing a clearing of both the mind and palate. We recommend it as an after dinner tea to serve to your guests as a way to cleanse their taste buds from whatever yummy meal you have prepared, and ready them for the dessert to come. While I do love this idea, it is important to keep in mind that this tea does have a mild caffeine content. Because of this, I more so enjoy it as I am drinking it now, in the wee hours of the morning. As said, I think it is not only refreshing to the palate, but even more so to the mind. When drinking this tea, as I first sip it and the aromas waft upwards, I am greeted with the thoughts of a fresh day ahead. I am reminded of the beauty of roses as I watch the rose petals and tickled with the cherry tones that accompany it. Our friend Aubrey below does a wonderful job detailing this tea!

I am a huge fan of this tea, which is saying a lot because I'm not too big of a green tea as a whole due to the vegetal tones that I mentioned. This is another one that I always keep in the cupboard and was such a breathe of fresh air this morning. I highly recommend you grab some today to give it a try! Enjoy the warm weather, friends! - Kaytea :)

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