London Fog

London Fog

"I kept bumping into ducks and chickens in the fog yesterday. 

Fowl weather."

(A little joke to make you smile and to introduce our topic today, the London Fog :) )

Happy Tuesday, friends! Wahoo! You made it through Monday! Congratulations! I don't know about you, but this week has already been a little bit "hairy" for me, to say the least. It just seems like everything that could possibly go wrong, somehow has. Aside from the weather that is! Boy, what beautiful days we have been having! I just wish I could get outside and enjoy them instead of being stuck on my computer!  

To help with this case of cabin fever, I began to research different drinks to be made with teas that I have here already on hand at the new apartment. One that really peaked my interest is called the "London Fog". The lovely Susan here at Good Life Tea had mentioned it to me, as she described that her son-in-law graces her daughter with one of these delectable drinks each morning in bed (Boys, take note!).

The London Fog is a drink that starts with a base of Earl Grey tea. Earl Grey tea is a black tea highlighted with bergamot flavors and is personal favorite of mine. At Good Life, we have a variety of different kinds of Earl Grey's! This made this drink even more fun to make and play around with, as you can substitute different variations of Earl Grey tea to change the flavor of your drink slightly. I'll talk more about this soon!

To make this drink, you will need Earl Grey Tea, boiling water, milk, sugar, and vanilla extract. 

To begin, make yourself a cup of whichever Earl Grey tea is your favorite. I started with our Earl Grey with Lavender tea. We make this tea right in house, as it has been requested so regularly by customers. It combines our Earl Grey Supreme Tea with a bit of our French Lavender. I chose this as I love the floral notes that the lavender adds. It is a very relaxing tea and the scent of it steeping immediately calms me (which I need today!). The purple lavender pieces contrasted against the dark black tea are also a beautiful bonus. 

As your tea steeps, begin to froth your milk. You can do so by using and electric frother or, if you do not have one, heat your milk on your stovetop. Make sure that it does not come to a boil, stirring occasionally. Once it is hot, pour it into a french press. Pump the french press until your milk has double in volume. 

Once you have your cup of Earl Grey Tea, stir in the sugar and vanilla extract. The amount you use depends on personal preference. There are various recipes that you can look up online to help you decide where you fall on this spectrum! I started with 2 teaspoons of sugar and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. My regular readers know that I have quite the sweet tooth. After these are stirred into your tea, pour your frothed milk over the top and wah-la! 

I found this drink to be absolutely delightful and will undeniably be making it again! I loved the hot tea combining with the fluffiness of the frothed milk! I also had quite the froth mustache as well, which brought a smile to the boyfriend's face. The vanilla was a perfect addition to take it to the next level as well. Vanilla is definitely one of my favorite flavors, so combining this with the lavender was perfect for me! 

As mentioned above, what is even more fun about this drink is it is extremely versatile! After trying and loving it, I wanted to see what it would be like substituting the Earl Grey with other teas. After doing a little research, I found that other's have wondered the same and that there are various "foggy" drinks! Just a couple examples are:

I haven't gotten the chance to try all of these just yet, so if you do, or you decide to substitute any other teas, please let us know! Let us know what you used, why, how it was, and the name of your new drink! 

(I would love to hear about how a "Foggy Cinnamon Spice" tastes with substituting Earl Grey with our Hot Cinnamon Spice ;)! ) 

Speaking of trying new things and new teas, I would like to remind you all of our Tea Tasters Collections, which are on sale right now! Score! We have put together the following collections which allow you to try a variety of each of the different types of our teas at a bargain!

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Check out each individual page to learn more about each one! 


If you do try any of the above things mentioned, please shoot us an email ( and let us know! I personally love hearing from you and not only on what you have experienced with your teas, but also on what you would like to hear about written in our upcoming blogs from me! Stay safe, cool, and sane in these next couple days, friends! In an unexpected twist of events, I hope that these next few days are a little "foggy"! ;) -Kaytea  

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