Oolong Teas

  • Post by  Katie Panara May 29, 2020

Happy Friday, tea friends! We have made it through another week! I'm not sure about you all but this week has been a long one for me! I have had a lot of work to do and am ready for the weekend! Speaking of "long", we have been hearing some buzz lately about "Oolong teas". Let's learn a bit more about these teas and why you should try them today!

To begin, I'll direct you to a previous blog post that was done by one of our favorite's, Aubrey Simpson! Aubrey does a fabulous job really diving into Oolong tea and why it should be on your radar!


I also want to encourage you to check out the page on our website that is dedicated to Oolong Teas. On this page you will see all of our awesome oolong teas that we stock here in store, as well as, a complete description of what this tea is, how it is made, what region the leaves derive from, and why this tea can be beneficial to your health! 

What is so unique and special about Oolong tea, you ask? Oolong tea is almost a hybrid between black and green teas. When the tea leaves are harvested from the Camelia sinensis plant, instead of being steeped immediately like green tea, or let to oxidize for a robust flavoring like black tea, oolong teas are in the middle. They are "semi-oxidized". This creates complexes flavors and allows for the maintenance of a lot of the original plant flavors as well. Oolong teas can have such variance depending upon the level of oxidation that is allowed. For instance, our Formosa tea is allowed to oxidize to almost about 75% creating dark and nutty flavors like a black tea. Conversely, our Milk Oolong, is much closer to a green tea and not allowed to oxidize resulting in a much greener coloring! 

Try one of our Oolong teas today! Let us know which one decide upon and why you did so! I absolutely love hearing your feedback and can't wait to learn what you thought of Oolong tea! Stay safe! - Kaytea :)