"What're you drinking?"

by Katie Panara June 02, 2020 3 min read

"What're you drinking?"

Greetings, tea people! How are you all doing this week? As we begin the summer month of June together, I find myself wondering "What's in your cup?" 

I found myself pondering this the other day while sitting at the shop with the ever sensational Susan. We both were sitting (socially distanced, of course) enjoying our respective cups of tea when I thought to ask her, "Susan, you know, I've been wondering, what're you drinking these days?". 

This led to a great conversation that I want to share with you all! 

If you have been following our posts, you know that our lovely Susan's favorite tea is the "Autumn Sunset". She brews this continuously and always has it in her Mist at home. "Autumn Sunset" is a beautiful herbal blend that incorporates apples, raspberries, blackberry leaves, cranberries, and passionfruit. These fruity flavors are balanced and highlighted by lemon balm, rosehip, peppermint leaves, and hibiscus to add a refreshing tone. Naturally I expected Susan to tell me that she was sipping on this. I know how much she adores it and being my close friend, I know just how frequently this is her drink of choice. 

To my surprise, she instead responded with "I went with the White Peach today".


I was shocked! My friend was cheating on her beloved "Autumn Sunset"! So intrigued, I went on to ask her, "What made you go with that today?".  

Susan told me about how while she will forever be loyal to her "Autumn Sunset", but today, she wanted something with a bit of caffeine. She chose our White Peach for a few reasons. First, it is absolutely delicious. This tea is a white tea with natural peach flavors that will transport you straight to the peach tree fields of Georgia. It is extraordinarily smooth and while it proves delectable both hot and cold, she was choosing cold today to refresh her in the rising temperatures! She also chose White Peach as it has a medium caffeine content. As one of the three little bears may say, "Not too much, not too little, juuuust right".

Being sensitive caffeine, she didn't want to go with something overly concentrated and wants to ease her body into enjoying a little caffeine each day. She shared with me that she actually had been drinking this tea everyday in an efforts to do so! She has brewed a second Mist pitcher of this White Peach tea to keep in the refrigerator for just this reason! 

Furthermore, because of adding caffeine to her routine, her sleep schedule has then therefore been a bit off. She's had trouble getting to sleep after having her caffeine during the day. Due to this trouble, Susan has been sipping a third tea regularly. As the summer really sets in upon us, it is inevitable to not think of being on the lake and the calmness that this brings. Because of this, Susan chose to brew a third Mist pitcher, of our very popular, Lakeside Calm. This tea has absolutely no caffeine in it and is a blend of hibiscus, lemon, and lavender. These flavors immediately calm her, she tells me, and remind her of spending summer nights at her cottage at the end of Canandaigua Lake. Just hearing her reminisce and tell me of these times is relaxing and has convinced me to add some Lakeside Calm to my cup! 

As you have noticed, Susan is a big proponent for our Mist pitcher. I, too, absolutely adore mine and am thinking of adding another to my collection! This pitcher makes making all of our teas so easy, it's crazy. All you have to do is add the tea of your choice to the pitcher (enough to coat the bottom; a bit more if you are looking for stronger flavors), fill it with water, place the top on, and put it in your fridge for 2-6 hours (I usually just leave it in overnight!). Wah-lah! You're iced tea is now ready to drink all day long! I promise you, it really is this easy! If you need more information, check out this blog article that details it! 

Just as I was curious about what Susan is enjoying these days, I am curious as to what you all are filling your cups with! What has been quenching your thirst? Why are you choosing the teas that you are? Are you choosing to cold brew these days because of summer temperatures or still enjoying the warm cup of tea in the evening? Keep me posted! I would love to keep this blog trend up and feature what various tea drinkers are choosing today! - Kaytea :)