Good Life Tea at 5,000ft

Good Life Tea at 5,000ft

You may have heard us talk about tea on the go, about our Loose Leaf Tumblers, French Press Thermoses and how great they are for work or class. But one of our customers, Luke, took tea on the go to a whole new level. Literally. So we asked him to sit down with us and share his experience hiking in the Adirondacks with Good Life Tea! 

Brit: “So Luke tell us a little about your trip!”

Luke: “My friend Taylor and I headed to the Adirondacks to see how many peaks we could climb in two days. We ended up scaling Mt Marcy, Mt Gray, Mt Skylight, Mt Haystack, Mt Little Haystack, Mt Basin, and Mt Saddleback.”

Brit: “That’s incredible! What gave you the idea to bring tea with you?”

Luke: “I’ve hiked a fair amount of mountains on the east coast of the US but it wasn’t until recently that I started bring tea with me on the mountain. I used to scroll through Facebook and Instagram looking for hikes to try or destinations to adventure off to and I’d come across people having either tea or coffee on the side of a mountain or overlooking an incredible landscape. I was always jealous and thought what a perfect addition to savoring the present moment. Now one of the first things I throw on my checklist before I head off on an adventure is tea leaves and my infuser.”

Brit: “So what was it like, tea on the side of a mountain? Was it as good as you expected it to be?”

Luke: “There is nothing like having a hot beverage on the side of a mountain just looking out and being engulfed with nature. Whether it’s tea or coffee. For me it’s tea. Not only do you feel the instant effects of warming up inside but you get this incredible relaxation experience that allows your body to just mellow out along with giving you a nice smack in the tush to keep on going once you start hiking again. Your entire body aches especially your legs after a ten mile hike up to the peak. But with tea it’s almost like there is the revitalization wave slowly dissolving its way down to your toes”

Brit: “That sounds amazing, I’m sure your photos don’t even do it justice, but I am wondering one more thing, how’d you brew the tea? Was it difficult to do?

“Well first of all the handle infuser is incredibly light so it wasn’t difficult to pack and as for the actual tea leaves, they weigh nothing. Now for boiling water all you need is a heat source and a reservoir for holding water. There are tons of gizmos and gadgets out there. For me I chose to use a lightweight backpacking pocket stove made by MSR called Pocket Rocket 2 and used a simple iso propane fuel canister for fuel. For my reservoir I used the Stanley hiking cook set that is a 24oz stainless steel cooking pot that comes with 2 small size cups. It’s pretty basic hiking equipment and isn’t all that expensive.”

Brit: Great, thanks for the tips! Anything else you’d like to add?”

Luke: “Umm well If you are one of those people like me and have a morning ritual that consists of a hot beverage like tea or coffee or whatever you prefer, you can replicate this simply and easily when you wake up after a long rest in your tent or hammock or car exc.”

We love hearing about all the places our tea can go, so if you'd like to share your experience with us email us at!

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