Teas To Weather The Storm

Teas To Weather The Storm

As you may know, it’s storm season. This year already we’ve seen catastrophic flooding in southeast Texas from Hurricane Harvey, devastating disasters in the Virgin Islands from Hurricane Irma and now Irma is on its way to Florida. Harvey dropped as much as 50 inches of rainfall in parts of Texas and Louisiana, and islands such as St. Thomas are now wrecked landscapes of twisted galvanized roofing, smashed cars and toppled trees.  

We’re lucky here in Upstate NY to not be in the path of disaster, however many of us, including some here at Good Life Tea, have family and friends facing difficult times ahead. That's why we've decided that 20% OF ALL SALES MADE FROM THIS POST WILL BE DONATED to The American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

Tea is the perfect drink for weathering a storm. Not only does it taste good, it keeps you calm and helps you focus due to the caffeine, L-theanine combo. Here are some of our storm-watching favorites:

1. C of Tranquility

C of Tranquility is a soothing blend of camomile, hibiscus, lemongrass, and rosehip with a touch of blueberry. Chamomile is known to be a relaxing, mood lifting herb which brews up to be the ultimate tea for a moment of peace in the middle of a hectic day, so it’s the perfect tea to make you feel safe and calm.


 2. Gentle Slumber

This blend of rooibos, camomile and peppermint is a powerful mix of herbs that is sure to calm anyone down. As stated above, camomile has been used to bring about calm and restful sleep, rooibos is naturally caffeine free and is loaded with antioxidants which helps prevent disease, and peppermint has a huge calming effect on the stomach as a digestive aid.


3. Decaf Earl Grey With Lavender

Earl Grey is a refreshing and aromatic tea with bergamot, a pleasant citrus flavor derived from the bergamot tree yielding smoky and distinctive orange oils. Lavender is often associated with love, sleep, and calmness for its distinctly delicate aroma. The two together combine to make a tea perfect for everyday relaxation.


4. Moroccan Mint

Moroccan Mint is a balance of two simple ingredients: green tea and peppermint. The green tea keeps you focused while the peppermint, as an all natural tonic, keeps you calm and relaxed.



5. Bourbon St. Vanilla

Bourbon St. Vanilla is my favorite rooibos. There’s something about vanilla and almonds mixed with the fruity rooibos that makes it the best after dinner or late afternoon tea. Long known in South Africa for its antioxidant properties and its calming effects on the mind, rooibos is a great rainy day tea.



We think a gift of tea is a great calming gesture to brighten someone’s day and show them you care, however it’s important to remember to give back and donate either your time or money to Disaster Relief efforts. That why 20% OF ALL SALES MADE FROM THIS POST WILL BE DONATED to The American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund

Here at Good Life Tea we wish the best and send our love to the victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and to all who have been effected by natural disasters this year. <3

Be safe and take care.

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