Discover Your Own "Constant Comment®"

Discover Your Own "Constant Comment®"

If you're a tea drinker, you may have heard of "Constant Comment®," Bigelow Tea Company's black tea blend of orange and spice. People often ask if we have the old-fashioned blend and while we don't carry the Bigelow tea bags themselves, we do have our own recipe for a delicious Orange Spice Tea!

About Constant Comment®

"Constant Comment®" tea was created by Ruth Campbell Bigelow in 1945. She was unhappy with the variety of teas on the market at the time so she created her own blend of black tea with orange rind and spices inspired by an early Colonial-era recipe. The new flavor was so popular among her friends that it received "constant comments" therefore giving it it's name. Since then the tea has traveled the globe and has become a house hold name among tea drinkers.

Our Blends

Here at Good Life Tea we have our own take on the traditional "Constant Comment®." We start with our delectable Decaf Spice Tea which is a full-bodied classic black tea with cinnamon, ginger root, cloves, cardamom and a little orange peel. We then up the orange flavor by adding either our Decaf Orange or Bright Orange. Decaf Orange adds a more subtle orange flavor and is what we recommend if your looking for that classic "Constant Comment®" flavor. But some of our customers like to mix in some Bright Orange which will add a tangy, zesty flavor to the tea with added floral notes. We'll then mix the tea in house to create your perfect blend!

Spice It Up

For a real spicy taste you can use our favorite Hot Cinnamon Spice for your base. Our Hot Cinnamon Spice contains three different kinds of cinnamon, cloves and a hint of citrus. It's our favorite tea for fall and is great for a comfy night by the fire. Add in a little Bright Orange to create an intense citrus, sweet, spice flavor!

So if you love "Constant Comment®" come on in and try our original, hand-mixed Orange and Spice blends! Or try your hand at blending your own orangery spice tea.

Tell us about your custom tea blends in the comments below. What blends have you made? 

Here are the teas just mentioned!


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  • I’m a big fan of a red tea. Is it possible to make a Constant Comment tasting tea with red tea as the base tea as opposed to black tea- similar to the various red tea products that are infused with oil of bergamot that taste very similar to Earl Grey Tea.
    J.W. Gates

    J. W. Gates on
  • Hi Kelly! Thank you so much for reaching out. To be ordered online and then shipped, we recommend that you order 2 ounces of each of the teas mentioned in the blog (Decaf Orange or Bright Orange, depending on your flavor preferences) and then mixing them to your liking at home! We hope this helps and happy sipping! :)

    Susan Albert on
  • I saw your blog post on how you make a tea similar to constant comment. Says you can go in store and you’ll blend the 2 teas. Can this blend be ordered online and shipped?

    Kelly Lynch on

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