What is in Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea?

What is in Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea?

In one word its delicious. Its a medium black tea from Sri Lanks ( formerly known as Ceylon) that has a strong cinnamon aroma and a hint of citrus and a natural sweetness to balance the savory spice. Its a wonderful fall/winter tea that warms you from the second you smell it.  Its pure warmth like sitting by the fireplace with a nice blanket.  Its bliss in a cup - a totally indulgent tea.

But seriously whats in it?  We get this question all the time.  

Its a medium black tea which is perfectly paired with cinnamon, sweet cloves and citrus. There are no sweeteners added.

What is in Hot Cinnamon Spice TeaIf you inspect the tea you will find citrus peels and among the loose leaf tea is the fine ground spice. Check the bottom of your cup, there are all the fine ground spices.  You may notice that your last sip is slightly stronger.  This is owing to the spices settling at the bottom of your cup. Enjoy the perfect balance of sweet and hot/spicy.

 Also this tea gives a decent second steep. I recommend 5 minutes using 212F water.



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