Welcome To Good Life Tea!

We are both a bricks and mortar store and an online store.  Visit our store at 181 S.Main St in beautiful Canandaigua NY - the gateway to the Finger Lakes.  Our Main St store has  over 80 teas to choose from.  Our selection grew from 40 teas to over 80 because our customers wanted us to stock their hard to find teas.  If you have any requests we will try to fill them for you.  

In addition to the teas we carry a wide assortment of tea ware.  Everything from mugs to cups to infusers to modern teaware to beautiful functional yixing clay tea ware.  I am especially excited about these beautiful objects of art. The craftsmanship is superb and the designs are beautiful.  They almost seem to beautiful to use, but using them daily with the same tea creates a patina to the clay which enhances it beauty.  Its hard to say that about most items that we use daily.

Another item, I am very excited by is the New Leaf infuser mug sets.  These are listed on the website.  These hardened glass mugs are lightweight and large.  The infuser is made from high quality stainless steel and is also large.  The ample room gives your premium tea plenty of room to unfurl and to fully steep.  The micro laser cut holes let the tea flow while keeping the smallest particles in the infuser.  This set up makes a great cup of tea every time.  


There are so many things that I'm excited about but enough for now.

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