Bourbon St. Vanilla - Loose Rooibos Tea


Rooibos, on it's own, has a subtle, earthy flavor, like the smell of your backyard just after it rains.  This subtle flavor makes a marvelously malleable base upon which a skilled hand can craft remarkably imaginative flavors.  Flavors like Bourbon St. Vanilla.

 Bourbon St. Vanilla: Hailing from Cederberg, South Africa, this Roibos-based tea brings a sense of discovery to its calming herbal blend. Long known in South Africa for its antioxidant properties and its calming effects on the mind; Bourbon St. Vanilla's name speaks to its well-traveled origins. Roobios' ability to blend is exemplified in the natural vanilla flavoring that rides on top of delicate notes sifted into the tea's almond layers.


A medium-flavored "red" tea, Bourbon St. Vanilla will delight the collection of those familiar with Roobios. For the tea-lover looking to become acquainted with the Roobios branch of tisanes: Bourbon St. Vanilla offers a flavor-focused entry point into this healthy tea's neighborhood. 


Add a sense of discovery to your voyages into the world of tea. Try this quality Roobios tea for a taste of healthy sun-fed African relaxation.


Base leaf: Roobios
Health properties: Anti-anxiety effects reported. Antioxidant qualities known.
Flavor strength: Full, notable. Primary collection is fruity. Lighter almond and vanilla tones.
Melty and managerial.
Caffeine: None.

Allergen Alert: Contains Almonds




Customer Reviews

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Great taste

The tea has a vanilla and bourbon smell and taste. The best rooibos tea I've ever had

Thanks for your review! We couldn't agree more!
Summer in a cup

I've been looking for a raspberry tea like I type I drank during my childhood but I was disappointed to find raspberry blends time and again...until I came across Good Life Tea and this absolutely perfect raspberry tea. It is like summer in a cup for me! I cannot wait to ice it and enjoy it during an actual summer's day, but until then, I enjoy a cup of this a few times a week to re-capture that perfect raspberry flavor I've missed for so long. With a dark, full-bodied black tea base, the light airy smell of raspberries rejuvenates while the taste transports you to fields of raspberry bushes. Just so incredibly delightful. I've bought 3 types of teas now from Good Life and I am so deeply impressed by all of them.

Thanks for all of your positive comments, Kathryn. We hope you continue to try all of our 117 (and counting!) teas.

Love this tea

Not only is this a good tea, but it is so good for you! Enjoy!!
Relaxing Bedtime tea

I have always loved vanilla Rooibos tea but this one is exceptionally good. I add some milk and sweetener so it is like a creamy dessert. Best of all, I can drink it at night before bed and since there is no caffeine, it won't keep me awake. I think I will be drinking this instead of hot chocolate this winter!

Thank you Laurie. So glad you found a rooibos that is just what you like!
Great vanilla flavor

Always in the lookout for an authentic vanilla flavored tea and this one is it.

Not only does this tea have authentic vanilla but it also has almond slices in it. Outstanding ingredients!