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A wonderfully soothing bedtime loose tea

Early 19th century England marks the origin of Earl Grey tea, a uniquely refreshing and aromatic tea created from the oil of bergamot infused in black tea. Bergamot has a pleasant citrus flavor derived from the bergamot tree yielding orange oils, both smoky and distinctive. Gifted to and named for the second Earl Grey of England in the early part of the century when he was serving as British Prime Minister, this tea was likely bequeathed as an act of diplomatic tribute. This unique and now renowned tea was enjoyed by the British upper-crust uniquely and exclusively. Many tales of its origin can be found, but one fact that remains indisputable is the unparalleled aroma and exotic, delicious pungency and vibrancy of this tea, fit only for those of the most distinctive, most refined and epicurean of taste buds.

Add to this tea evocative of a bygone era of finesse and distinction, the scent of French lavender-- the fragrant oil used to relieve nervous tension, migraines and headaches, and to promote sleep. Fragrance and flavor are the hallmarks of this Earl Grey, with the scent and gentle taste of lavender infused creating a medley of olfactory magnificence. Transport yourself back to a time of elegance, formality and refinement with this most unusual blend of captivating taste and sensory experience. The lavender is also a tribute to the prevalence of lavender in the local area.  This tea is a breath of warm May air in a New York spring, any time of year.

While also enjoyable in the best British bone china teacup, you may want to brew yourself a mug full…. Go ahead, it’s decaffeinated, so enjoy Decaffeinated Lavender Earl Grey loose Tea whenever only a cup will suffice. Cheerio!

When searched this tea is mistakenly spelled Earl Gray and lavendar

Base leaf: Black tea
Health properties: Calming, reported headache-ease, anti-toxic properties known.
Flavor strength: Medium, clear. Primary collection is classic black.  Citrus and to a lesser degree lavender.
Caffeine: None. Caffeine removed using a natural Co2 process - the current gold standard.

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Excellent Tea

The tea is wonderful. By mistake I ordered another bag and tried to cancel twice but it didn't work.

Thanks for letting us know.
Quality Product

Hi quality lavender earl gray. Strong and pungent but smooth and flavorful. I use to make lavender earl gray lattes that remind me of my home in Arizona. I absolutely love this company and their products!

We're pleased you liked the Earl Grey and thank you for the review. (Just curious, why 4 stars and not 5?)
Great service and exceptional teas

My order arrived within 4 days. I feel confidence
about the great service and the quality of their teas.
I ordered Decaf Earl Grey with Lavender, great quality and freshness.
Also received some samples. I strongly recommend these teas.
Maria from San Diego, CA

We appreciated hearing from you Maria and hope to provide more tea to you in the future. Thank you!
Decaf Earl Grey

I love this tea. I have ordered it in the past and enjoyed it. This order arrived and it was incorrect so I am still waiting for the correct order to arrive.

So glad you enjoy the Kyoto Cherry Rose. You are in good company as it is our most popular tea!
Love this Decaf Earl Grey!

Recently purchased decaf lavendar Earl Grey and I love it! Recently purchased tea in London, Santa Fe, St. Louis, and Boulder and this was one of the best!

Thank you Beth, you made our day here at Good Life Tea!!!