Darjeeling Tea!

Darjeeling Tea!

Happy weekend, friends!! Who else was, totally, just completely ready for this weekend? I don't know about you guys, but this week dragged for me. & while many would argue that this feeling can be remedied with a bubble bath & a glass of wine, I was more so looking for a decadent cup of tea to cure my weekday woes.

As I began to ponder the plethora of teas we have here at Good Life, I was delighted to receive a text message from our owner, Rob, reminding me of our Darjeeling tea! Darjeeling tea is often referred to as the "Queen of" or the "Champagne of" teas; to which it certainly deserves these denominations. This tea is just the decadence I was searching for to end my week. 

Darjeeling tea is grown & harvested in the Himalayan mountains at incredibly high altitudes. These altitudes foster cooler temperatures which, in turn, inhibit a long growing season. This does not deter from the absolute decadence of this tea and allows for a beautiful evolution of the taste and the tea itself. Darjeeling tea is harvested in three separate rounds, each allowing for different flavors to be highlighted and divulged. 

In the first harvest, happening between February & April, the leaves forged allow for a light tea with accentuations of grape & wine. The second harvest, what we carry here, is harvested in June & is the best time of year for quality. This tea is much more developed & bold than the first flush. It features full grape & wine notes again & is a beautiful blend to resemble the regal nature of champagne. Its notes dance across your taste buds & sashay down your throat magnificently. I am imagining enjoying it alongside a slice of New York cheesecake topped with raspberry sauce. The last & final harvest is an autumn collection & not always available because of weather. This tea too features a bold, round flavor of muscatel, but finishes with an almost bourbon like taste.  

Our Darjeeling tea is absolutely exquisite & is the solution to my week derived from the Devil. It can be yours too! Also, here at Good Life, previously we only stocked a decaffeinated blend, but as of very recently we have added the the traditional caffeinated blend as well! I highly recommend this indulgent & lavish tea! Please let me know what you think! Kick back, relax, enjoy your weekends, friends! You deserve it! - Kay-tea :)


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