Gratitude is the Best Attitude!

Gratitude and Tea

Much has been said about gratitude and the practice of being grateful everyday. I’m not going to delve into all the reasons why one should have a daily gratitude practice, but rather I'm just going to give you a short list of the things that I've been grateful for over the last 5 plus years that I've had the store.

I'm grateful for Nancy for giving me permission to open this business. She knew I wanted to do something for myself gave me the space to do it.

I'm grateful for my two friends in the retail tea business who coached me early on. They helped me make good decisions for a successful store.

I'm grateful for all the the employees past and present who brought their unique skills and passion to their work. I've been very lucky that they shared in my vision and helped me grow as a person and a boss. We had fun doing blog posts, making videos, putting on wine walks, doing the farmers market, chatting with customers, posting on social media, sipping tea and eating chocolate.

I’m grateful to my past business coach and to all the people and online resources that helped me grow to better serve my customers.

I'm grateful for my landlord who is reasonable and fair and puts up with the occasional mess I make in the hallway.

I'm grateful for my suppliers who consistently deliver quality tea and tea ware that  delight my customers.

I’m grateful for the mail carriers and the UPS guy.  They smile every day whether it’s cold or hot picking up and delivering packages to keep me in business.

But most of all I am grateful to my customers who have supported me over the years. Your enthusiasm and stories fill me with much joy and energy.  So a big Thank you to you.

And a big thank you for everyone who I helped me along on this journey.

What are you grateful for? Take a minute and give thanks every day for the good things you enjoy in life. Then smile.

If you want to write about things that you are grateful for, please do so in the comments. Or better yet write a few paragraphs and I will guest post them on this blog. Thanks.

Try these teas as you reflect on your own gratitude!


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