What is the best tea? I'm quitting soda.

What is the best tea?  I'm quitting soda.

What is the best tea for weight lossWe get this question all the time in our shop. Many customers having decided to cut the sugar and adopt a healthier lifestyle have turned to tea. Tea has no calories and is a great way to loose weight.  The answer most dieters are looking for is which tea has the most healthful benefits and will propel me to reach their goals faster. They expect to hear a certain tea recommendation and a list of reasons why this tea is the best.
Our answer is not what you would expect!



Our reason is simple. If you don't enjoy the taste, then you will not stick with tea and you will go back to your bad sugary drinks.  Perhaps Matcha or Silver Needles or Japanese Sencha is the best, most healthy tea, but if you don't enjoy the taste of these teas, and stick with them, then you might revert back to your old ways.  Nothing is gained and there is no progress. 

When you browse our store, we encourage you to explore all our teas.  Pick teas you would like and will drink regularly.  Then you will benefit from a positive lifestyle change.

If you are online, order a few teas from our most popular teas or our sample box which includes 6 of our most popular teas. We always include free samples.  Tell us which ones you're interested in the notes and we will send those along to you. 

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  • Looking for a sweeter tea to replace soda. I am addicted to full sugar cherry coke.

    Jill on

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