DIY Empty Tea Bags - Great for work

DIY Empty Tea Bags - Great for work
Many of our customers like to enjoy their tea at work, but their work environment is not conducive to using their preferred tea ware. This group includes health care providers, teachers, office workers, construction workers etc.BrewBags - Make your own teabags with your tea


For these tea drinkers, we have recommended the Tea Brew bags.  We suggest that they use the TeaBrew Bags and their favorite  loose tea and tuck a dozen into a zip lock bag and keep them handy in their pocket or their day bag.

Because most break rooms provide cups and hot water, these tea craving customers can enjoy their loose teas at work by simply dropping a filled tea brew bag into a cup of hot water.  Its not perfect but hey it works in a pinch. Sure beats the alternative - flavorless, insipid tea bags or no tea at all.  YIKES.


Take a BrewBag and find the diagonal opening.  Take a heaping spoonful of your favorite loose tea and put the tea into the BrewBag at the diagonal opening.  Settle the tea at the bottom. Carefully roll the filled BrewBag and insert into zip lock bag.  Prepare a dozen BrewBags then seal the zip lock bag removing excess air.  Pack this into your lunch box or purse. Enjoy tea at work.  Be nice and share with your co-workers.  They will thank you.

Told To Us In Our Shop

Pack you BrewBags with your favorite tea. Enjoy your tea at workOne of our customers, a nurse works in a busy emergency room.  She told us, "Being a ER nurse, you grab a break when you can."  She went on to say, "Some shifts are busy and stressful and having my tea in my pocket in a zip lock bag keeps me going.  Enjoying my favorite tea when I finally catch a moment helps me get through a stressful shift."

The only downside she says is that she is often sharing her tea with other staff. But she doesn't mind too much.

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