4 Reasons Why You Should Use Tea Tins

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Tea Tins


 That’s a lie.  I would say that all of our teas smell delicious.  However, those delicious smells tend to get into everything you store them around, in much the same way that your high school pizza shop job likely made everything you owned smell strongly of french fries and garlic.  I personally kept a bag of marshmallows next to a bag of Hot Cinnamon Spice for a few hot summer days, and while the effect was delicious, it was pronounced and certainly unintentional.  

In addition to making all of your food smell like your tea, your untinned teas can maketea, relaxing your other teas smell like them.  If you’re storing a bag of Silver Needles next to a bag of Hot Cinnamon Spice, the Silver Needles will slowly be ruined.  Given that Hot Cinnamon Spice is both our most powerfully aromatic tea and our best seller, we highly recommend protecting your other teas, and your marshmallows from it.  

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Even in our triple-layered, tightly sealed bags, your tea will start to lose it’s flavor after two to three months.  Keeping your tea sealed in an air-tight container which keeps it dark can keep your tea fresh for over a year.

If you have been in our shop before, you may be calling us hypocrites for saying that, because we keep all of our tea clearly displayed in large, glass jars.  While the jars are airtight, which is the most important thing for storing tea, we’re caught in a bit of a perpetual battle with the sun.  We’ve actually had to move all of our teas as far from the windows as we possibly can, to keep them from being faded.  We also sell our tea quickly enough that it does not spend long in these jars.  

You may be wondering why it is that bagged teas are not sold in airtight, light-proof tins, rather than cardboard boxes.  We aren’t really sure about this, but it seems to us like bagged teas tend to not be that fresh.



The bags that we sell tea in take a while to break down in landfillsenvironmental, reusable, eco-friendly.  I also have yet to find anything to re-purpose them for.  Buying teas by the tin can keep a few more of these bags from ever having to exist.  We dislike these bags so much, that if you come into our store in person, and bring your old tins with you, we’ll give you a 5% discount on the refill.

If you live farther away and cannot come see us in person, I’ve found the tins to be significantly easier to re-purpose than the bags.  I’m a student, so I use them to organize flash cards.  When I give my friends gifts, I have the coolest tiny metal boxes.  If you puncture a hole in the bottom for drainage (or simply are a good enough plant owner to not drown your plants), you can use them as tiny flower pots.  If you want us to not put a label on your tins, so that you can more easily re-purpose them, just make a note of it at checkout.  

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If you’re like me, you have a tiny pile of Good Life Tea bags in a cupboard (I keep mine above the fridge), and it is likely a little packed.  These tins, because they are square and stackable, can be kept in neat piles anywhere.  Certainly, you can still keep them in your cupboard.  But you can also stack them on your counter, on that shelf behind the sink if you have one, or on a sideboard.  


Keeping your teas in tins also means that you don’t have to search through a pile of identical bags when you’re trying to make that first cup in the morning.  We offer our tins in a variety of colors, which means that you can find the tea you’re looking for quickly and easily, regardless of how many of our teas you own.

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