Hinged Lid Tea Tins

Purple Plum
Emerald Green
Sapphire Blue
Gunmetal Gray

Tea should be properly stored in a air-tight container, and preferably one which keeps out sunlight.  Our tea tins have a hinged lid that closes tightly

These simple, modern containers can keep your tea fresh for longer than bags, can be stacked to keep your stash organized, and bought in a color to match your kitchen, or the inside of the locked cupboard where you hide your teas, in case of burglary by thieves with good taste.  If you're looking for more reasons to tin your teas, check out the blog post dedicated to just that: http://bit.ly/291E2rY

Food Grade and air tight. Dimensions 3 x 3 x 4.25 tall

Available in 9 colors - Purple, Blue, Green, Red, Siver, Gold, Yellow, Gray and Black.

Holds between 1.5 ounces to 6 ounces of tea. (Oolongs, Whites, Citron Green, Dragonwell and Chamomile are fluffy, so less fits inside.)  Just specify at check-out which of your teas you'd like in which of your tins!

The tins are labeled with our logo similar to the ones in the store.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tin was damaged but sending another one

The red tin arrived in a timely fashion packaged in a box with bubble wrap and free loose tea samples. I carefully took the nice size tin out and went to place tea bags in it and noticed a small dent on the corner that prevented it from shutting properly. I received a followup newsletter of their products so I emailed them about the tin and they quickly sent a tracking of a new tin being sent and an apology. So that made me feel good.

We try....but sometimes things go wrong. We hope the replacement tin arrives without issue and we can be your source for tea and tea ware.

They were perfect. They were exactly what I needed as such a reasonable price. Not to mentions that I loved the way they were packaged for shipping.

Thank you for letting us know about your satisfaction with the tins. May your teas live long and prosper in them! Please let us know if you need anything else--we have over one hundred delicious teas that await you.
Great Product!

I love the Hinged Tea Tins! They're so much easier to scoop from rather than from the bag, and they stack very nicely on a shelf. If you're organized, you can use the colors to differentiate between types of teas.

Thanks Sue! I'm a fan of all the characteristics you mentioned plus, because the tin is hinged, the top can't be misplaced.