Loose-Leaf Teas From China

Products from China will be subject to new tariffs imposed by the US Government for all products of Chinese origin.  Unfortunately, Chinese teas will see a price increase very shortly.

The teas listed will be subject to a tariff and a resulting price increase.  The price increases are not in effect yet, so purchase now and avoid the price increases that are sure to come.

Please note that some of the teas listed may be a blend of Chinese teas and teas from other growing regions and may not see a price increase. Going forward, some teas may be reformulated using non-Chinese teas. Reformulated blended teas may have slight different flavor profiles.

To ease the pain during this tariff transition period, we are offering a 10% discount on these teas.  Use discount code below at checkout and beat the tariff price increases and save $ at the same time!