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Black Currant - Loose Leaf Black Tea

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Source: China

Ingredients: Black tea, black currants, natural black currant flavoring

Steeping Information: 1 TSP per Cup; Steep at 212 F for 3-5 minutes

Caffeine Content: Moderate

Indulge in the rich symphony of flavors with our Luxury Loose Leaf Black Currant Black Tea! Imagine the perfect fusion of deep, robust black tea layered with luscious pieces of real black currant and infused with the tantalizing essence of black currant. It's a tea experience that's pure luxury in every sip.

Get ready to be captivated by the full-bodied taste that elegantly balances the boldness of black tea and the juicy sweetness of ripe currant berries. Whether you prefer your brew with a strong, full flavor or a more moderate intensity, our Black Currant Black Tea has you covered.

And guess what? It's not just a treat for your taste buds – this tea is packed with antioxidants that can give you that much-needed boost.

Worried about caffeine? Fret not! Our Luxury Loose Leaf Black Currant Black Tea boasts a medium caffeine content, making it an ideal companion for any time of day.

So why wait? Elevate your tea game with this exquisite blend that marries luxury, flavor, and health benefits in a single cup. Treat yourself to the finest, because you deserve it. Purchase your pack of indulgence today!

Currant's make for a polite house guest, one well suited to the clear, uncomplicated pleasures that a clean black tea has to offer. China black pairs and pairs and pairs. There's none that could accuse it of requiring a delicate partnership (like, say, the viscous, bushy Rooibos family) or of tending to dominate no matter what (looking at you, matchas). While those qualities make for their own unique rewards and fascinating blends; there's still a place firmly embedded in the heart of every tea lover for the elegance of a one-flavored black. And thus, here we have Black Currant. Dare we say that it's what you get the tea lover who has everything?  Full bodied with a berry-true currant flavor; this is the sort of tea that one lets rest on their tongue or even (after checking to ensure clear surroundings) swirls a bit in the cooler later-cup.


Base leaf: Black tea.
Health properties: Anti-oxident properties known.
Flavor strength: Moderate. Primary collection is current, berries over black.
Caffeine: Medium.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Terry (Apex, US)
Black currant tea

I originally received this tea as a sample with an order. Instantly fell in love with the flavor. Just a really pleasant flavor and the medium caffeine level makes it a perfect fit for me.

It's nice to hear that our sample program works and as a customer you discovered a new tea based on what we sent you when you ordered from us. Have you tried Apricot, Ice Wine or Pomegranate Lemon? These are also black teas that have that same 'fruit forward' taste you got with the Black Currant. You can specifically request any of those (or others) in the Notes section of our check out page. Thanks for your review!!

Deborah Ranes (Alfred, US)
Black Currant Loose Tea

If you would like a tea with a little natural sweetness, then this tea is a good choice.
I prefer my teas black and this little gem is delicious hot or chilled.

Your observations about Black Currant are spot on! It certainly is a gem, naturally sweet and soooo delicious!

Frank Dobiszewski (Summit, US)
Newest Go-to Tea

This tea has become another entry on my "go-to" list. This tea has a great aroma. Hot or cold, it tastes really good. I have to be careful about steeping or sunning too long, as it will become bitter. Aside from that, I recommend trying it.

Thanks for your review of Black Currant. It has been a 'come from behind' favorite in the past months. It's flavor is fabulous! Sip on!