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Gunpowder - Loose Leaf Organic Green Tea

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People have read signs into the rare and the beautiful for as long as recorded history has existed. This unique blend: Osprey Organic Gunpowder is an organic green tea. That's fact. But beyond the fact, beyond the outer: what secrets might we take?
Take a moment to imagine the Osprey: this tea's chosen animal signifier. What can we conclude from this pairing of item with imagery? The Osprey flies high, first and foremost: it's visible. Reliable. Like an organic tea, it is a thing of nature that one can observe but does not tame.
Can things be divined from observing such a thing of beauty? Ask the dwellers of this tea's native Zhejiang, China. You might here that an Osprey is a sign of weather. Or that the number of the birds dictates a broader contentment...or restlessness...in the air. It's a bird of prey. Is there something of an edge to this tea – something not ordinary about the typically polite flavor collection of a green tea?
Osprey Organic Gunpowder comes pelleted: the leaves balled and partially unmoistened before firing. Their appearance led to their English name, and it also belies the immediacy of this tea's flavor: a right-to-the-point garden green; somewhat astringent, not one to languish or build.
The juices have been raised during the pellet rolling, so the brewed tea is unique in its insistence. Green tea lovers will delight, and those new to the green branch of tisanal exploration may find this the one that makes them understand why such value is given to a blend like Organic Osprey Gunpowder.

Base leaf: Green tea
Health properties: Antioxidant qualities known.
Flavor strength: Medium, darker green, quick-setting. Flush and precise.
Caffeine: Mild.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
sandra eroniecki (Broken Arrow, US)

Gunpowder is a great tea with a lot of flavor compared to the teabags bought in store

Before I came to Good Life Tea I didn't know just how old most tea in teabags in a hometown grocery store is. Also, if you can't see the tea, it might be substandard 'sawdust' from the bottom of the barrel. So glad you discovered the premium difference! Thank you for your review!

Z (Cambridge, US)

Love it!Delicious

Gunpowder always scores a bulls eye! Sip on~

Paula Shields (Nashville, US)
Great tea with a powerful energy punch

Love this tea. I quit drinking alcohol so now I’m on a tea binge. Gunpowder tea is great for added energy with a clear mind.