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Dragonwell Long Jing - Organic Loose Green Tea

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A storied classic organic Chinese green tea.

In China's Zhejiang Province, a rare tea is gathered near a lake, its origin shrouded in the kind of story that hoists a prized object even higher with a tale of its dangerous procurement. And what is this prize? A mist-yielded, hand-prepared idyllic specimen of green tea.  The final form of a ten-part preparation process, Dragonwell is a mild, refined, rain-borne tea.  Suitable for any season, this tea's tone is as direct as it look: a focus on a single pure quality: earthy green. Any quiet floral notes accompanying the flavor are purely coincidence. Or are they? Could there be something more to this tea? Perhaps its origin story will reveal...

Some time around the 3rd century, AD, it is said, a drought brought a small farming village near Hangchow to its knees. With mist a constant companion, they still could not manage to coax rain for proper crop yields. The farmers sensed that some manner of great power was behind this dangerous state of affairs, but could not surmise what could be done. Until the day that a passing Taoist monk announced that the farmlands could indeed be saved: a dragon nearby must be begged for help! The powerful mystic beast would surely, the monk said, hear the people's pleas. And so the monk led the people in trying to entice this favor from the water-dwelling dragon. Suddenly a bank of clouds appeared, rolling in from all sides, filling the fields with nourishing rain. 

The effort put into gathering and preparing this renowned straight tea is a lingering respect for the story and a reminder that what keeps us alive and well is not always to be taken for granted. And luxuries; like this slightly sweet green Dragonwell tea, should always be valued.  Partake of the dragon's gift - the gift of hydration and life. Order some today and renew yourself.

Base leaf: Organic Green tea
Health properties: Antioxidant qualities known.
Flavor strength: Mild, straight. Primary collection is green/astringent. Light sweet or even nutty atop straight green base.
Caffeine: Mild.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kathleen (Miami, US)

This is my second bag of Dragonwell tea. It has a nice mellow taste.

We're happy to hear that you're enjoying your Dragonwell! It does have a lovely, light taste. Happy sipping! :)

Anne (Bethlehem, US)
My favorite daily tea

I've tried a number of different teas now from this shop and enjoyed them all. This is the one I keep going back to as my daily tea. I enjoy the flavor and aroma of this tea, it's delicious without any added flavoring (like flowers, or fruits, or spices). I also like to learn about the health benefits, and also the history of this particular type of tea. I am reading Amy Tan's "The Kitchen God's Wife" and I came across a line that said "... the monks grew dragon-well tea, the best tea in all of China" and I thought "that's my tea"! Looking forward to trying more and more varieties of tea, but I know I will often come back to this one.

Dragonwell was treasured by the Chinese centuries ago as it is now. You have a very discerning pallet. Enjoy!

Jennifer (Canandaigua, US)
By far the best!

This is by far the best green tea I've ever had. It is now part of our daily routine (me and my husband). I won't lie I actually tried it based on the name and it's background story...so glad I did.

Jennifer, you not alone in observing that Dragonwell is the best green tea they have ever tried. We're pleased, you're pleased! Thank you for the stars!!!!!