Why Tea is the Perfect Holiday Gift for Her

Why Tea is the Perfect Holiday Gift for Her

The Holidays are coming.  

Are you getting stressed yes?  Have you started to find people on your list who are impossible to shop for?  They already own everything, perhaps, or they care a great deal about living a simple, uncluttered life.  Maybe they don't want anything.  Maybe you know them so well that you can't possibly imagine wrapping that relationship into one, highly symbolic object.  If this person is your mother, your daughter, your wife, or your girlfriend, here are some reasons why tea is the best gift for her in particular.

For the Perfect Holiday Gifts

If finding the right gift for Mom leads you to stare at the wall for four minutes before giving up, we have something special for you.

tea holiday gift momHow often have we wished that we could simply transmit peace of mind to our loved ones?
Gift giving is thoughtfulness in action, and original thinking shows your deliberate effort. We have the perfect gifts of tea and tea ware to make your memorable mark this holiday season.

A lot can be said when it comes to the personality involved in tea selection. Your mother witnessed you agonizing when choosing the right songs to add to a playlist when someone, important would be listening. She knows that you can be just as meticulous when it comes to choosing the right tone when looking for a gift. She'll understand the care you put in when you carefully searched and selected the right gift of tea for her

Tea isn't going to take up space or lie around un-usued in her cabinet. You probably already know exactly where it will go and just how often it will be used. You also know – better than anyone – if she's the sort of person who remember you every time makes herself a cup.

For the Perfect Holiday Gifts

What is spending time with your daughter like?

Is a date with your daughter a rare occasion or do you spend so much time together that you know each other's order without asking? Does mother-daughter time mean a trip to a ropes course or a six mile bike ride around the park, or was it more along the lines of that pedicure date?

tea gift holiday daughterWhatever the case, it's inevitable that we want good things for our kids. And sometimes – rather frustratingly! - they don't always remember to seek them out for themselves.  They may be opposed to “wasting money on something they don’t need,” or may waste their money without ever buying anything truly good for themselves.  Or worse, they get everything they want for themselves without pausing.  In either case, try giving them tea.  It’s life's great
practical luxury. It's exquisite, comforting, interesting, never redundant and it gets used.

The next time you and she make time together, there may be plenty to say or nothing to say. There may be time to spare or places you each need to be. But each sip that you share will create a seal around the experience: instant nostalgia, a smell and taste and texture to always associate with the real gift you're giving: time together.

And if you give a delicious tea with the added benefit that it might one day be shared with you? We promise not to tell.

tea holiday gift wifeJust because giving a gift should be
stress-free doesn't give us a free pass to be repetitive or overly safe.  Chances are your wife – at this point – has a good idea of the directions you might take when it comes to gifs and special occasions. That's a good thing. Knowing each other is the prize of time and care put into sharing life.  But tea might be a more of an unexpected gift.

Tea has become an important way for women to claim their “ me time”.  Pick your teas, not so much for what she already likes, but rather to create a break from the ordinary. Present the tea as an agent of good change, personal growth, or boldness to find a new groove. After all New Year’s is a time to bring in the new.

Gift giving is a guess about what makes the people we love happy.  Be bold yourself.  Show your wife that you took time and effort, by give her something different this holiday season.  Give her the gift of personal time to reflect and relax.  Maybe she’ll even let you in on it.

For the Perfect Holiday Gifts

tea holiday gift girlfriendTea is a measurement of time
. From day to day we use it to mark its passage, to segment our mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Tea itself is time-consuming to grow, prepare, transport, and package. It steeps slowly, infusing its delicate flavour and complicated texture into a simple cup of life sustaining water.

Put your time into a gift to your girlfriend; literally.

Tea and teaware are no small thing. They're intended to be kept and used, as a continual gift.  They last and become part of life. Tea colors part of a drinker's day, every day. Your girlfriend knows this when she chooses tea for herself. Selecting the right tea gift for her is a feeling that will always associate itself with your relationship.  And sharing that tea is another way to spend quality time to strengthen your bonds.

Gifts can be nerve-wracking. More than we'd like to admit, we sometimes try to undercut the seriousness of it, offering fun or cheeky gifts that are easy going, charming, or humorous. Tea steps up your game, but without making a statement. It's thoughtful but not excessive. It’s not the commitment ring, but it's also not a lollipop ring. Tea doesn't try hard, but it comes packed with care and attention.

When it comes down to it, a gift either pushes someone away or draws them closer. Giving your girlfriend tea is an offer of time you will spend with each other. We made it simple to choose. All it takes is a little time. The rewards are great.

For the Perfect Holiday Gifts

Did you give tea as a gift to someone important to you?  How did it go?  Tell us in the comments below!

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