Why Tea Is Just Plain Good

Why Tea Is Just Plain Good

It's strange, if you think about it, that such a fun and tasty beverage, ranging in flavor varieties from 'Blueberry Muffin' to 'Cumin and Lemon,' can be found on store shelves around the world. Of course, there are certain types and strains which provide the health-bolstering properties of herbs, spices, and fruit bases including ginseng teas, ginger teas, acai teas, and of course other brands that tout weight-control.

But is that why we love it? Is that why, after water, it's the world's most consumed beverage? Is that why poets have written about its character, its ability to delight, its nature, and our relationship with it for centuries? Not likely. Anyone who's sipped their father's sweet tea on a hot summer afternoon or stolen a drink of their mother's sugary early grey knows it's tasty. 

Let's face it, while alcohol has a world of variety, subtly, and flavor, there's still no doubt that without its pleasant mental and emotional effects, people would not sit down and drink two or three cups of it. Or even one. Soldiering through just one alcohol-free beer during a night of designated driving is an experience you're probably reluctant to repeat. With no offence to the fine makers of these marvelous and refined intoxicants; tea speaks for itself in a way that no other drink seems to be able to. Considering that it does not have wine, beer, or liquor's extra effects, it's clear: tea is just plain delicious.

And it's good for you. We know the many, many benefits of various kinds of tea, but take a moment and remember that first and foremost, the world of tea and its incredible variety is because of its enticing flavors. By and large, it's that simple. The rush that you get from walking into a tea shop and browsing an array of tisanes, or even just peeking into a friend's cabinet collection is a thrill.

Delicious tea can also tell you a lot about people (to venture, tongue in cheek, into some pseudo science here). Are you the type who will pull any new box with 'berry' in the name from the grocery store shelf? Can you simply not resist a  curious sounding name like 'Gunpowder Green'? Do you go for the power and potency, instead, of a Hot Cinnamon Spice  or a deluxe Russian blend? Maybe you take it straight black, with two teaspoons of tea leaves to a cup. Whatever the case, tea is not only delicious, but also accompanies an array of foods marvelously well. While it might be a stretch to say that tea has facilitated the spinning of the wheels of History herself, it is a provable fact that many a deal, accord, law, and decision have been made over one (or two...or eight!) cups of the magnificent drink.

So enjoy it! It's good for you, yes, but it's also just plain good.


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