Whoever, However you are - Boldly, Brightly and Beautifully BE IT

Boldly, Brightly and Beautifully BE YOURSELF

Live your Truth. Be whatever form of a human you have discovered yourself to be (up to this point) and don't be afraid to accept it. Whatever shape, form, whoever and however, you are - LOVE IT. Embody what makes you uniquely you. There is no other like you on the planet and there never will be again- That is something great to think about: That you are the only you that ever will be.


Only you can be you- so let your truth shine through. 

Be bold Be yourself - Kristen Lucero

It is a process (a life-long one at that) to discover who you are within every turning point and then to change with life as it continues to unfold and manifest itself. We are never the same people we were years ago -- Life tosses us lessons that repeatedly mold us into varying forms and identities. Resistance creates more dissonance, and surrendering to the flow will allow you to fully adapt to whatever lesson may present itself to you and through you. We must learn to surrender to whatever comes our way and expect that unexpected element that swims throughout Life.

We struggle with comparison in our culture and it is a dangerous thing. Instead of totally accepting ourselves as we are, (however that is) we are in constant battle in thinking we ought to be something other than that. When we fully settle to the present moment and clear away all those distractions of comparing and contrasting ourselves to others, then we welcome a much healthier, positive lifestyle, and a fresher version of ourself to present to the world.


Look beneath the surface

Be yourself brightly - Kristen Lucero

To quote a fitting line from a song I love so much-- "we're doing the best that we can" with what life hands us on our journey here. This again connects back to the simple yet profound 4 agreements book and lifestyle. Try your Best in that given moment of your life because your best is always changing and you are also changing. There is something very unique and special about every day that arises in the aftermath and the beautiful expression that becomes itself through us- as its metamorphosis unfolds. The extraordinary thing about this is that it will never be that way again; No two days, moments, or people are exactly the same. We are an extension of the moment and when we fully adapt to its continually changing process and reflect its fluctuation- the essence of life- we will better serve ourself and others, when we flow and let go.



If we learn to let go and accept whatever change comes our way and understand that every chapter is impermanent, then we open up to the healthier, happier road in life. If we transform with the moment and learn to constantly let go of the past (instead of stubbornly sticking to whatever it is we just can't seem to release - whether it be an old idea, an old version of ourself, an item, or just the past in general) then we can continue to gain new ground in this exciting present moment- and rise to the occasion of life, ready to greet the now that awaits.


"The only constant in life is change"
~ Heraclitus ~


Whoever you are - BE IT Beautifully. Kristen Lucero

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