Using Hot Tea to Cool Down!

Using Hot Tea to Cool Down!

Good morning, tea friends! Today, we'll be discussing a little known, often misunderstood, and a bit paradoxical scientific mystery. Today we're going to be discussing how a hot beverage, tea for our purposes, can actually help you cool down (especially during these dog days of summer!).

Yes, you read that correctly and we are about to expand upon this thought. You are probably thinking to yourself, "Why would I want a hot drink when all I can think about is cooling down?". You're not irrational in this thought process. In the scorching heat of summer, the idea of sipping on hot tea might seem counterintuitive. However, experts propose that this unexpected approach could be your ticket to beating the heat. Instead of reaching for frosty drinks, picture yourself enjoying a cozy cup of Good Life Tea as a means to stay refreshed under the sun. Let's delve into the science that supports this unconventional cooling strategy.

The Science of Hot Tea Cooling You Down

While it might seem paradoxical, there's scientific reasoning behind how hot tea can actually help regulate your body temperature in the summer. Our bodies have a natural mechanism to manage heat, and it involves sweating. When your body accumulates excess heat, it triggers your sweat glands to release sweat. As this sweat evaporates from your skin, it cools you down.

Recent research, like a study conducted by the University of Ottawa in 2012, has shed light on the intriguing relationship between hot beverages and cooling effects. When you sip on a hot drink, such as a cup of tea, the receptors in your mouth signal an increase in body heat. This prompts your body to kickstart the cooling process by releasing stored heat through sweat at an accelerated rate. This swift cooling mechanism sets hot tea apart as a popular choice in regions with hot climates like Asia, India, and South America.


Hot Tea Tips for Effective Cooling

While embracing hot tea as a cooling strategy sounds appealing, there are a few essential considerations to make the most of this practice:

  1. Appropriate Attire: The ability of sweat to evaporate is crucial for cooling. Opt for thin, lightweight clothing that facilitates quick evaporation. Wearing restrictive clothing can hinder the cooling effect of hot tea.

  2. Climate Conditions: Hot tea's cooling benefits are most effective in dry conditions. In extremely humid climates, where sweat struggles to evaporate, the cooling effect might be less noticeable. 


Best Hot Teas for Summertime Refreshment

As tempting as a cold glass of iced tea may be, extremely cold drinks can inhibit your body's natural cooling process. When beverages are icy, they can impede the body's ability to release heat through sweat. In contrast, a cup of hot tea supports your body's cooling mechanisms, making it an attractive option in the summer heat.

To fully embrace the idea of hot tea in summer, explore these delightful hot tea blends that are perfect for sipping during the warmer months:

    • 1. Citron Green: A blend of citrus flavor like lemon infuse a refreshing twist into your hot tea experience.

    • 2. Moroccan Mint: Peppermint and spearmint combine to create a rejuvenating hot tea that cools you down from the inside out.

    • 3. Hello Hawaii: Embrace the exotic with a blend of tropical fruits that lend a summer vibe to your hot tea ritual.

    • 4. White Peach: Beautifully light, the fruity notes in this tea offer a fun pick me up for a hot summer afternoon.

    • 5. Bright Orange: The tart notes in this fruity tea come from a blood orange and awaken your taste buds from the first sip

    • 6. Pomegranate Lemon: This heightened black tea embraces the citrus notes of lemon, atop a pomegranate base for the perfect summer blend!  

Embrace the Art of Hot Tea Cooling

In a season where icy beverages reign supreme, it's intriguing to consider the alternative: hot tea as a cooling agent. The science-backed insights and tips for effective cooling through hot tea consumption might just revolutionize your approach to beating the summer heat. Next time the mercury rises, reach for a warm cup of tea and savor both the flavor and the cooling comfort it brings. Let us know how you fare and send us any other tips you may have for keeping cool! Happy sipping, friends! - Kaytea :)

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