Teas to Keep You Cool!

Teas to Keep You Cool!

Happy Friday to some of the most beau-tea-ful people I am lucky enough to call my friends! I hope you all are staying cool in this heat wave we have experienced & are ready for the next one that is predicted on our horizons! 

Speaking of staying cool, I thought this would be an appropriate time to touch upon some of our teas that we know have some extra "oomph" when it comes to cooling properties. 

First, I would like to recommend our Peppermint Tea. This tea is comprised of mint leaves that, as you have all seen in the media, are continually marketed for their cooling properties. The flavor itself embodies a cooling sense in your mouth, which often times transmits throughout the body. Our Peppermint tea is caffeine free & can be enjoyed all day long as well which is another wonderful perk!


If you are in fact looking for a little a caffeine to boost your morning though & speaking of our Peppermint tea, we also have our Moroccan Mint tea! This tea is a green tea comprised of our Gunpowder green tea leaves & peppermint. This tea provides the refreshing element of green tea with that cooling we so seek from the peppermint! 


The next tea known for its inherent cooling properties is our Chamomile tea! This tea is made from dried golden flowers & is already known for it's calming properties. Chamomile is known to promote blood flow whilst relaxing you which will release heat through your skin! To read a bit more in depth on this tea, check out this blog article written previously by our lovely, Aubrey! 


The last tea that I'll touch upon for its temperature suppressing properties is our Hibiscus tea. This tea is a tisane made from dried hibiscus flowers that embody beautiful flavors of both cranberry & pomegranate while also illustrating a gorgeous & striking red color. The color also makes this a great addition to any of your outdoor get togethers this summer! It provides both a delicious cooling beverage for your guests & also a gorgeous center piece! 

If you have any suggestions of your own that you have found to help keep cool, please drop them in the comments below! I love to read your feedback & to hear how you all beat the heat! Stay cool, friends! - Kay-tea :)  


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