Iced Tea Season!

Iced Tea Season!

Good morning, summer sippers! I say "summer" as yesterday (June 21st) was officially the first day of summer and, as I'm sure you've noticed, the heat of summer is in full swing! For us at Good Life Tea, that means that, although, we love iced tea all year round, it is officially what we call "iced tea season"! In this blog post, I'll be detailing some of our most popular teas for the onset of summer, as well as highlighting our most popular piece of tea ware, our Mist Iced Tea Pitcher! Learn more below. 

Let's begin with the teas that we regularly see people coming in to purchase at this time of year. Typically at this time of year, sippers are looking for refreshing, fruity toned, teas. We certainly have no shortage of options when it comes to teas in this area. If someone asks for a fruity tea, typically we begin with our tisane teas. These tea blends are actually not traditional tea at all, in that they don't contain the Camellia sinensis plant. Instead these teas are comprised of dehydrated fruits and herbs. They are absolutely delicious and continuously praised for their caffeine free nature, fruity notes, and hydrating properties. Some of our most popular tisane herbal teas include our Last Mango in Paris, our Strawberry Kiwi, our Amethyst Berry, and our new Watermelon Sensation, and new Raspberry Refresher. All of these teas embody different fruit tones that are complemented by herbal components. Simply click on each to learn a bit more about it!


(Inside Intel: Susan's favorite is our Autumn Sunset tisane and Kayte's is Angel Falls Mist!👍👍) 


If you are more of a purist and simply are loyal to your black or green teas, don't worry, we have some recommendations for you here, too. In terms of black teas, we often see individuals scouting out our Blue Sapphire and our Ceylon for plain black iced teas. To layer some nice summer flavors over your black tea, we can also recommend our Decaf Peach black tea, our Decaf Raspberry black tea, our Going Coconuts decaf black tea, our Pomegranate Lemon black tea, our new Springtime Charms tea. All of these recommendations are delightful on their own, but feel free to experiment with adding sugar, lemon, other fruits, or anything that you think would be good in your iced tea!


As far as our green teas go, we find that for those who prefer a plain green tea, our most popular green tea to prepare iced is our Sencha Fuji. The pureness of this tea really allows for the vegetal notes to shine through. If you prefer a bit of flavor overtop your green tea, we highly recommend our Citron Green, our Ginger N Green, or our Hello Hawaii
Now that you have some starter recommendations with what exactly to brew, let's get down to business and teach you exactly how to do so. Don't worry, we have the easiest and most convenient was to make iced tea. You can do so in 4 easy steps. 


1. Cover the bottom of your Mist Iced Tea pitcher with your tea of choice. 


2. Fill the pitcher up to the neck with room temperature water. 


3. Pop the pitcher in your refrigerator over night. 


4. Enjoy! 
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If you do try any of these teas or choose to purchase our Mist Iced Tea Pitcher, please let us know! Also, we should let you know, that when you do purchase a Mist pitcher, you receive 1 free ounce of tea of your choice! Try to stay cool, friends and enjoy the start of summer! Happy sipping! - Kaytea :) 


P.S. When you are sipping your iced tea, please snap a selfie and tag us on your social media channels! We love to feature you all and show you enjoying your Good Life Tea! ☕💚

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