Welcoming a New Addition to the Good Life Tea Team

Welcoming a New Addition to the Good Life Tea Team

Hello there! I am the newest addition to the Good Life Tea crew and looking forward to learning all there is to know about this new and exciting world. Through out this post, I will introduce myself and give what information I consider to be of interest about myself (*I am biased) so that you are able to follow me on my journey with tea and learning about it.


I have been a lucky resident of the beautiful city of Canandaigua for all 25 of my years now and truly love the Finger Lakes as a home. I feel as though we have so much to offer with the plethora of restaurants, breweries and wineries, and activities we have to offer in all seasons.


I am the very proud older sister of 2 sisters and 1 brother. My sister, Kelli, is a Fullbright Scholar in the Netherlands teaching English to high school students. My brother, Roger, is a lacrosse player at Saint John Fisher. And, my youngest sister, Laura, is a vibrant sophomore at Canandaigua Academy. Growing up I attended St. Mary’s School right in downtown Canandaigua for 10 years and then went on the Canandaigua Academy where I played soccer, basketball, and rugby (What an experience!). After high school I continued on to SUNY Geneseo where I majored in Biology and Business Administration. Geneseo will always hold a special place in my heart, as it is such a special little town with the ability to make the bridge from youth to adulthood so memorable and warm-hearted.



After completing my time at Geneseo I spent 6 weeks in the wonderful country of Ghana, with 10 other students and a professor from Geneseo, studying their tainted water supply and how that affects not only their health and day-to-day life, but also their commerce. This work fit nicely with both of my majors and also proved to be quite the eye opening experience to the privileged lifestyle we are allowed.


Upon returning from Ghana, I accepted a position as an Outside Sales Representative with an electronics company in Rochester which I worked for a year and came to find out that it was not the best fit for me as I did not have a passion for the products, making it hard to sell. Since leaving the company I have been consequently searching for something to peak my interest and seem to have found it here!


Truth be told, prior to signing on here, I dabbled more in the coffee realm. While I am by no means a connoisseur, being a double major in college, I have definitely had my fair share of percolation. I would most days indulge in 3 cups before lunch and 2 to three more throughout the rest of the day. I found myself, not only, taking the sleep hormone, melatonin, at night but also with some digestive distress. Faced with these dilemmas I thought, “Hmmmm… What about tea?”, and was delighted to be introduced to the lovely people of Good Life Tea.


Since starting to work here, and not being familiar with the surplus of knowledge in the tea domain, I have been fortunate enough to learn from both the owner, Rob, and the tea guru herself, Susan. I have learned of the different types of tea, what qualities and attributes each embody, what each are good for, how they are made or have been made throughout history, and the different products available that allow drinking to be so easy and user friendly.


I still have so much to learn and am enjoying trying all the different flavors available here (more to come on my favorites). I hope you have enjoyed reading and will come back to hear more about my new adventures with tea! Or come visit us on Main Street! In the coming weeks I will be posting on teas for different times of the day, different teas to pair with foods, and various other topics. Happy sipping!!


-- Kay-tea :)


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