The First Five Hour Energy

The First Five Hour Energy
Hello my wonderful tea people! Today I am writing to discuss quite the interesting topic with you all. I was recently made aware of the fact that prior to tea and coffee consumption, civilians of olden times would actually consume alcoholic beverages such as ale on their lunch hour in order to help them make it through the day! This absolutely seems counterproductive to me, but upon further examination does have some valid argument behind it. 
To begin, ale’s or alcoholic beverages were consumed as not only was the water of poor taste, but also often times unsafe to drink (think dysentery). The brewing of water into an ale allowed for preventing this contamination. The alcohol content also provided a bit of muting of the taste buds and therefore hindered the unfortunate taste of the water. Furthermore these types of beverages were cheap to produce in vast quantities, and therefore cheap to buy for the working class. 
As you can probably guess, the consumption of these ales, in turn, caused poor work quality of the employees while also posing increased risk of injury on the job. This caused for increased liability of employers, increased turnover of workers, unreliability of quality of craftsmanship, as well as many other inhibitory factors. 
When tea was introduced, it seemed to be the solution to all these problems as well support the concurring Prohibition Movement! The boiling of the tea as a preparation allowed for decontamination of water. The tea leaves, often infused with various other spices or floral notes solved the issue of the unfortunate water taste. Without the alcoholic component, workers became more reliable and were able to work both longer and harder. Furthermore, when a few tablespoons of sugar were added, tea became sweeter and the extra rush of a sugar boost gave workers that extra afternoon push they so sought! This new and upcoming beverage remained affordable and became what I consider to be the original 5 hour energy if you will! 
From this discovery and realization, tea and coffee shops began to pop up on street corners everywhere. Workers could frequent these on lunch and return to work both refreshed and rejuvenated! Ales became less popular as the effects they ensued inhibited workers and therefore deterred employers from hiring those who drank them on lunch hours. Ales of course did not completely phase out, yet simply became more so of an after work or evening beverage.
I found this tale of tea so very interesting because as you all know, I love my Roasted Yerba Mate! It absolutely gives me that mid morning punch I need to carry me through to lunch and beyond! I hope you all possibly give tea and sugar a try! Even just for a week! Let me know how it goes and if you like it! Stop in and see us on your lunch hour to have us make you your very own 5 hour ener-tea! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Best! — Kay-tea :) 

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