Teas for these colder temperatures!

Teas for these colder temperatures!
Good morning, snow bunnies! I can't be the only one feeling this, but boy, is it cold up here in Upstate, NY, or what?! These cold temperatures have me hunkering down in my apartment in layers, under blankets, and you guessed it, sipping on lots of very hot tea! This brings me to the topic of this blog post; which teas to drink when you are feeling rather chilly and why! Check out our recommendations below because I know you are all saying "brrr" just like me.
As we have been experiencing some of our coldest temperatures thus far this winter in Upstate NY, it is no surprise that the first tea I reach for in the morning quite literally has "hot" in the title; our Hot Cinnamon Spice. Hot Cinnamon Spice is our most popular tea, and once you have had the pleasure of a taste, you will have no question as to why. Featuring ingredients such as 3 different types of cinnamon, clove, and orange peel, all atop a bed of black tea, this tea is pure heartwarming bliss. Even with first time sippers, we routinely receive reviews such as the one below. 
What makes this tea even more appealing proves that we have it available in both a decaffeinated and a caffeine free version as well. For a bit more information on all of our Hot Cinnamon Spice teas, click on the links provided or watch the video below!
Another tea that has been keeping my mind toward the more tropical temperatures proves our Hello Hawaii green tea. I know, I'm not usually one to grab for the green teas but this one in particular has real pineapple and papaya infused within the green tea that almost take over the flavor profile. As I sip this one in the late morning or early afternoon (moderate caffeine content), I am instantly transported to a beach somewhere (*insert the Zac Brown band song "Toes" playnig here*). I imagine myself with my toes in the sand, and listening to the waves lap along the shoreline as the children next to me make a sandcastle. I exhale, open my eyes, and the snow outside my window suddenly doesn't seem so bad. Try some of this today and let us know which beach it lands you on! 
One last tea that has been keeping me toasty all the way down to my toes remains our Heaven Sent Chai. This is one I haven't discussed with you all recently, but always is present in my cupboard and never fails to to warm me up, no matter the circumstance! As the description on our website suggests, this tea is "A sharp, [and] distinct, rich blend whose warmth practically leaps out of the cup and hugs the drinker". Our Heaven Sent Chai tea is our most popular of our chai blends, but is technically a flavored black tea as the base leaf is a black tea leaf. A top the bed of black tea, lies a whole host of masala spices (chai spices) which include cinnamon, clove, cardamom, ginger, and if you can believe it, black pepper. All of these combined give off a spicy flavor profile that warms you from the first sip to the bottom of your cup. I highly recommend this tea as an afternoon pick me up when not only are you physically cold, but feeling a little lack of motivation creeping in as well. We also often recommend this tea to those that are looking to get into the chai teas, but haven't found one that they liked just yet. This is letting those individuals kind of dip their toes in, due to the presence of the black tea and its neutralization. 
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If you have any teas that you have found are keeping you warm during these particularly cold days, please feel free to comment below and share them with us all! We love to hear your feedback and we love the community that you have all helped us create here at Good Life Tea! For any of our customers or readers in warmer temperatures, we are jealous of you! Please send some of your sunshine our way! Until then, drink some hot tea, curl up with someone you love, a good book or new series, and stay toasty, friends. Happy sipping! - Kaytea :) 
P.S. Be sure to check out our Valentine's Day Sets which are now live on our website! Please make sure to place any orders for Valentine's Day ASAP! With expected shipping delays we want to make sure that your sweetie receives their sweet-tea! 

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  • I enjoyed reading this blog about what teas keep us warm in the cold of winter! Since I do use tea bags also, my go-to in the evenings is a Lemon Ginger tea (herbal) that helps digestion sometimes (but not always). The best thing about any tea is that all of the flavors can warm us up without the acid after-taste of coffee. Tea is starting to be what I prefer even though I still drink coffee in the morning. Always grateful for know Good Life Tea has so many choices, a flavor and caffeine or no caffeine option for everyone. Keep on sipping the good teas and writing about them! :) Hugs, Vicky Peltier, MS.Ed. :)

    Victoria M Peltier on

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