It's Electric (Kettle)! Boogie, woogie, woogie!

Tea Kettle - Electric vs. Stove Top

Hi, friends! I hope you are all able to get out today & enjoy the sunshine! I don't know about you, but this weather has me feeling great & excited for the upcoming summer temperatures! 

Today, I want to talk to you guys about the differences between using an electric kettle versus a stove top kettle & the different advantages of it. While we at Good Life do encourage brewing & drinking tea in any manner, below you will find 5 reasons that using an electric kettle can be preferential & why we recommend doing so!

Blog Key Takeaways: 

- Learn about the differences between a stove top kettle and an electric kettle. 

- Learn about when you should be using a stove top kettle versus an electric kettle. 

- Learn about the options that we have available here at Good Life Tea for you to take advantage of! 

- Learn about the advantages of Electric Tea Kettles including transportability,  temperature, control, etc. 

- & more! 

1. Simplicity & efficiency!

Now, I know boiling a stove top kettle isn't exactly rocket science so hold on. By simplicity & efficiency we mean that by using an electric kettle you are able to brew smaller amounts, quicker & safely due to the automatic shut off. Often times, we hear of people over filling the stove top kettle fearing they may get distracted & not wanting to burn their kettle. Because of the automatic shut off, you are able to brew less water at a faster pace. This saves water, time, & energy! Look at you, going green!

2. Electric kettles allow for temperature control! 

Most people don't know that different types of teas are intended to be brewed at different temperatures. This is to ensure that your tea procures the flavors you are looking for & to deter from a bitterness. The electric tea kettle has specific temperature settings that allow you to set it to heat to the temperature for the tea that you are brewing & to shut off when it gets to this temperature. A stove top tea kettle does not allow for this & only alerts you when it has reached a boil. This can lead to you steeping your tea at an ambiguous temperature & not getting the flavors you are seeking. 

3. No need to be confined to the kitchen!

Using a stove top kettle confines you to rooms that have just that, a stove top! Often times this is the kitchen in a home. Using an electric kettle, the world is your oyster! Anywhere that has an outlet has now become a space where you can enjoy fresh tea. For instance, you may keep it at your desk at work perhaps or maybe in your dorm room! This makes tea much more accessible & often times causes people to drink more & in turn up their hydration! Bonus! 

 4. Safer from the steam! 

When using a stove top kettle, the handle used for pouring is located on the top & often times this results in steam being let out as you pour. This steam is inevitably very hot & can burn you! We've heard this numerous times & have even heard that this can deter some from making tea! We don't want that! The electric kettle has a solution to this as well. The handle for pouring is located along the side & keeps your hands away from any heat or steam. Problem solved!

Stove Top tea kettles are not safe.

5. No whistle, no problem! 

I don't know about you all, but my life is full of things buzzing or beeping at me to alert me of something. Whether it be my phone, my alarm, my computer, etc. I always feel as though there is some siren of sorts going off. Tea is intended to be a relaxing ritual. With a stove top kettle you are notified of the boiling by the unmistakable cry of the kettle whistle. If you are in the middle of a task, this can startle you & potentially trigger a panic. That should not be how you start your relaxation ritual! With the electric tea kettle, there is no alarming whistle, but rather a quick beep. If you don't hear it from another room, or you simply miss it, don't dismay, it will remain at temperature until you are ready to pour!   

If you already own an electric kettle, please comment some of the reasons that you love it below. I purchased one for my Dad a year or so ago that he absolutely loves (*Father's Day is coming up!*). He even uses it for things like boiling water quickly for oatmeal in the morning, boiling water quickly for pasta, or simply as a vessel to fill the dog bowl! These appliances are extremely versatile & have numerous uses! 

Hoping you all have a wonderful week & enjoy the weather! Best! - Kaytea :) 

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  • due to power outage will use my stovetop kettle have gas stove which conducts even heating.

    barry on
  • I have used my electric, temp control for years and love it for all the reasons you stated above, along with the fact that I don’t like clutter on my stove and feel like that’s how it looks.

    Lydia Hamilton on
  • I’ve used an electric kettle for years. I recently switched to gooseneck, which I love. My kettle also has temperature control, but I don’t think that function works that well. Kinda always boils, even though I usually set it to 206-210.

    Ivy on

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