Tea for the Teachers!

Tea for the Teachers!

Good morning, friends! I'm coming to you hoping that you are having a wonderful start to the week, have been able to avoid any rain showers that you may have encountered, and continue to have a productive week ahead. Today I wanted to take the time to recognize all the "tea-chers" in our lives. We certainly all know a teacher. My lovely sister is a teacher. My fiance's beautiful mother, awesome sister, and wonderful brother are all teachers. One of my best friends is a teacher. And I, of course, have a favorite teacher of my own (special shout out to Mrs. Connolly, my 4th grade teacher, whom I still regularly text and talk to even today!). Teachers are such special individuals that have such a huge impact on our lives and the lives of those close to us. They work so tirelessly to make schools safe, welcoming, and fun places for their students and, are oftentimes, not acknowledged to the level to which they deserve. At Good Life Tea, we want to make it known that we love and appreciate all teachers! This blog post will be dedicated to all the teachers out there and will detail some teas that we already know some of our existing teacher customers choose every time!

At this time of year, many teachers are just as ready for summer as their students. I know from speaking to my sister, and the other teachers in my life that I mentioned, that the countdown to summer is just as real for teachers as it is for the students. In anticipation for the upcoming summer sweetness, a tea that we often recommend is our Last Mango in Paris. Last Mango in Paris is a tisane tea, meaning that it is made up of dried fruits and herbs. In terms of this tantalizing tisane, you will be greeted with luscious mango, and juicy orange, apple, and lemon pieces. These are accompanied and complemented by the floral tones of hibiscus and rosehips. This tea is finished with the addition of elderberries to round out the fruity flavors, and all together, these flavors embody all that summer is soon to be. We often hear that to beat the oncoming heat, many enjoy this tea iced. It is absolutely delicious, and for those with children, it is a great, sugar-free alternative to KoolAid!
Another thing we always hear from teachers or about teachers is how they are having trouble sleeping or how they can just never seem to get enough of it. Don't worry, teach! Good Life Tea has your back and has something to help! A couple different teas that we offer to help with getting to sleep and staying asleep prove our Sleep Better, our Gentle Slumber, and our Egyptian Delta Nile Chamomile. I'll begin with our Sleep Better, as my sister who is a 6th grade teacher swears by this stuff. It is made up of valerian root, lemon myrtle, verbena, spearmint, chamomile, and lavender. We recommend this to those who have trouble getting to sleep at night, because let me tell you, the valerian root will have you counting sheep and hanging out with the sandman before you know it! In our description, we tell you to remember to set your alarm as you will sleep very soundly, and this holds true. If you choose to brew yourself some Sleep Better, make sure you preset your alarm because we can't have you being late to school! Next up is our Gentle Slumber. This is a powerful and calming composition of rooibos, chamomile, and peppermint. All of these herbs are known for their sedative properties and when blended together, they create this beautiful tea. In drinking this herbal tea, you may be transported back to be gently rocked in a rocking chair as a child into slumber. It will help you to smoothly drift to dreamland and stay there as long as you wish. Lastly, I wanted to make sure to mention our Egyptian Delta Nile Chamomile. As mentioned, this is a component of the other two teas. Chamomile has been known for its soothing and sleep inducing tendencies for centuries and our Egyptian Delta Nile Chamomile is no exception. Sourced directly from the Nile region of Egypt, this herbal tea is made exclusively from the tiny golden flowers which are sun dried in the desert heat. In it, you will notice the honey flavors that are already often associated with bedtime. We recommend adding even just a bit more honey to this, some lemon, a little lavender, or perhaps peppermint! Let us know which you prefer or if you have any other recommendations.  
Going along with getting to sleep, we know sometimes getting up for early morning classes or, god forbid, bus duty, can be painful. We have a couple teas to help ease that pain as well, professor. One, in particular, that is delightful in the wee hours of the morning, but is also absolutely delicious both iced and hot proves our Citron Green. Citrus flavors are known for their propensities to invoke awakened nature, alertness, and vigor for the day ahead. Our Citron Green has a base green leaf tea that is infused with the citrus and clean notes of lemon which leave your palette feeling aroused. Although there is already a subtle sweetness to this tea, we recommend adding a few of our amber sugar crystals, as well. This heightens the sweetness, and gives you a bit of a sugar kick to start your day! Another tea to really incite excitement for your day is our Roasted Yerba Mate (my personal favorite tea). This herbal tea is native to Brazil and is a drink that is consumed by the gauchos to keep them awake and alert in their herding. In our Roasted Yerba Mate, you will find an almost coffee-like flavor accompanied by toasty caramel notes. It is absolutely delicious and I highly recommend it for those pesky, early mornings. Again, I enjoy mine with a few of our amber sugar crystals! Try it out! I'll include a video below in which Aubrey details for you a bit more on this decadent herbal tea!
Lastly, I'll mention a few of our teas that mimic another want/need of teachers at this time of year. While we don't serve wine or cocktails at Good Life Tea, we do have our Ice Wine black tea and our Piña Colada tisane tea! These are great alternatives to the former options, much cheaper, and don't leave you with a headache for school in the morning! Our Ice Wine tea embodies the flavors of our locally renowned Ice Wine. This is wine that is made from grapes harvested in the winter time, making them uniquely sweet. In this tea, you will be pleasantly surprised to taste the same flavors that are found in this wine and be thrilled by the combination of black tea. Similarly, in sipping our Piña Colada tisane tea, you will undoubtably be transported to a cabana on the beach listening to Jimmy Buffet. Did I hear somebody say "It's 5 o'clock somewhere"? This tisane is made up of savory pineapple and coconut pieces that are perfectly paired with apple, hibiscus, and rosehips. When your students have pushed you right to the edge, your grades are due, and the weekend just isn't coming fast enough, brew a cup of this deliciousness and sit back, and relax!  

Whether you are a teacher, know a teacher, love a teacher, or any combination of these, we think that tea is necessary in your life. We also want to highlight that, should you be looking for a good end of the year gift for the teacher in your life, tea is the wonderful gift that just keeps giving all summer long! If you aren't sure which tea to gift the instructor in your life, take a gander at our Mist iced tea pitchers! They come in 2 sizes (50 ounce and 68 ounce), and a variety of colors. They are by far the easiest way to make iced tea and you receive a free ounce of tea with the purchase of one! To learn more, here are a few blogs I have done detailing this pitcher

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Take a moment today to think of and appreciate the teachers in your own life. Maybe reach out to them and let them know how much of an impact they imparted on you and how much you treasure the memories they gave to you. We promise you that they will appreciate it and will be grateful that you took the time. If you are a teacher, remember summer is so close. Don't worry, teach, you're almost there. Happy sipping, fellow students! - Kaytea :)

P.S. Don't forget to tag us in your social media posts of you enjoying our teas! We love to feature you on our own page! 


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