The Easiest Iced Tea!

by Katie Panara June 03, 2019 1 min read

The Easiest Iced Tea!

Hello, friends! Hoping you all are enjoying this week! Today, we want to talk to you about our awesome product, The Mist

As summer gets going, iced tea becomes everyone's drink of choice & this pitcher is the absolute easiest & fastest way to make iced tea! Also, with all of our different teas you will never get bored & can try different flavors all summer! 

Check out the video below, followed by the pictures to see just how easy this is! 

We will add the pictures below as well!

1. Measure 6 inches of water into your Mist Pitcher! 

2. Heat water in your electric kettle! This will take about 3 minutes! 

3. Add tea to your Mist Pitcher while your water is boiling! 

4. Pour your boiling water over your tea!

5. Wait 5 minutes!

6. Add ice to your Mist Pitcher & wait 2 minutes! 

7. Pour your freshly made iced tea over ice in your glass & enjoy!  

We hope you all absolutely love your mist & stay hydrated & refreshed this summer! Let us know which teas you like iced best & why! We love hearing from you! Stay cool! 

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