How To Do Tea At the Office!

How To Do Tea At the Office!

Good morning & Happy Friday, friends! As we close out this week, & furthermore, prepare for next week, we wanted to cover the important topic of how to easily, deliciously, & successfully brew your teas at work! 

We are often presented with the problem of disliking lugging either your loose leaves or your tea ware in with you to the office. We totally understand these frustrations & are here to bring you solutions!

Thankfully, loose tea is very portable. & While we carry loose leaf tea as a whole, we also carry these DIY, completely biodegradable, and unbleached tea bags! These environmentally friendly tea bags are so user friendly. All you need to do in the morning is simply measure out your loose tea leaves into the empty tea bag using a spoon. Continue by filling your tea cup with hot water & place the tea bag into your tea cup. Fold the bag over the top of your tea cup & steep, keeping your cup covered with a small cover to keep the warmth in (I often use a tea saucer!). The tea bag is rigid & will stay upright & will not crumple into your cup. Once your tea has steeped for the recommended amount of time make sure to be extra careful when removing the teabag from your cup. It may be very hot! Once done, these are great as they are immediately disposable & don't require any clean up! They are great for on the go or just in the office when you need a quick cup!

If you are more of an all day tea drinker, we have many customers that prefer to keep a separate work infuser & cup right at work! This cup is wonderful as it is the full package! When you purchase this cup, you receive the pyrex mug, which is wonderful for temperature control, an infuser, which can be used in other mugs as well if you choose, & a lid which not only keeps your tea hot while steeping, but also doubles as a coaster for your infuser as well!

Purchasing the mug allows to you to change the type of tea you drink throughout the day, while, conversely, if you have your favorite kind of tea that you know you want to enjoy throughout the day, we have this teapot as well! This teapot is made from the same material as our pyrex cup & has the infuser built right in! What's even better is it comes in various different sizes so you can choose which one fits best for you! If this is your way to enjoy tea, we encourage you to keep your favorite tea in a tea tin at work as well! Our tea tins keep your tea fresh longer &, even better, you receive a discount when you bring them in to be refilled! 

The last thing we want to remind you of in drinking tea at work is being cognizant & mindful of the caffeine contents of teas you are drinking. When we brew our first cup in the morning, the caffeine certainly is warranted & helps! It is just later in the day we urge you to be a little more cautious as to which tea you are choosing! All of our teas are labeled online for their caffeine contents for your convenience. We also have these past blog articles for a little more information on the topic! 

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If you have any other suggestions for drinking tea in the workplace or want to share how you enjoy yours, please feel free to comment below! We love your feedback! Hoping you all have an absolutely wonderful weekend & become rested for a upcoming productive work week!

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