Holiday Travel with Tea!

Holiday Travel with Tea!

Good morning, tea friends! How many of your are traveling this upcoming Thursday to be with your loved ones for Thanksgiving? Moreover, how many of you will be traveling this upcoming month for the holiday season? I suspect quite a few. To ensure that you can take your favorites teas with you anywhere that you travel we have a few recommendations. Check them out below! 

Let's start out with our travel mug, the Mennä! This thing doesn't play around, friends. I bought this travel mug thinking it would be just like my coffee ones and keep my tea hot for the ride. I was blown away. Let me tell you. This thing kept my tea HOT for two days! Not only does it have incredible warmth retaining qualities but it is actually made for loose leaf teas (you know we love that!). Our Mennä travel mug is actually made for loose leaf tea drinkers. It allows you to steep your tea right inside, and then close it off when the appropriate steeping time has run out. Check out this blog post for more information :).  
The other recommendation that we have for taking your tea on the go proves our completely biodegradable, environmentally friendly tea bags. As a premium loose leaf tea shop, this isn't our first recommendation when it comes to steeping but if you are away from home, sometimes you just have to make do. These tea bags are phenomenal in that they allow for multiple steeps and are easy to just throw in your bag or purse. Susan and I both keep a few pre-made tea bags in each of our purses for when tea time presents itself unexpectedly! Grab your favorite tea and a pack of these today to help you get through the holidays!
Should you be leaving soon to visit loved ones and celebrate all that we need to be thankful for, don't forget your tea. Let us know how you decide to take it with you this holiday season. Happy sipping and safe travels! - Kaytea :) 
P.S. Don't forget, we are open on Sundays from 11AM-4PM now through the holidays! Stop in and see us!

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