Last Mango in Paris - A lovely fruit tea

Iced Tea - The Ultimate Summer Drink

As the warm weather approaches, tea drinkers start making delicious, refreshing, fruit iced teas like Last Mango In Paris.  Iced tea is so easy to make with the Mist Iced Tea Maker.  

Making Iced Tea with the Mist Iced Tea Maker

IMist Iced Tea Makerf you are in a rush, you can add about 10 ounces of boiling water in the Mist Iced Tea maker and add 8 to 10 teaspoons of loose fruit tea like Last Mango In Paris or Strawberry Kiwi.  Let it steep for 5 - 7 minutes.  Then, simply add ice to the neck of the Mist Iced Tea Maker and put the filter lid on it.  The ice will melt cooling it sufficiently.  Pour into a tall glass with ice. Voila - Iced Tea.
A super easy way to make tea is using the cold steep method.  This method takes 1 minute to make but needs  2 - 4 hours of steeping.  Put 8 - 10 teaspoons of tea in the Mist Iced Tea Maker and top with water.  Put the lid on. Place in the frig and presto - Iced Tea.  So simple and perfect iced tea each time  

TIP - Prepare it in the evening for ice tea the next day.

The beauty of the Mist Iced Tea Maker is the pyrex construction and the clever lid.  Pyrex is heat resistant and yet light weight.  You can place boiling water and ice cubes and it will not shatter.  The lid has a super fine mesh filter which lets the tea flow while holding back tea and ice.  Its fits snugly and adds a touch of color.

Fruit Tea Benefits

Last Mango In Paris Fruit Tea ingredientsThis picture is a closeup of the fruit and herbs which make up Last Mango in Paris.  Dried fruit and herbs provide strong color and flavor but because the fruit is nor pulped, there is no sugar. Surprisingly, this fruit tea (also called Tisane) has a hint of sweetness and has no calories. Its the perfect antidote to juices with lots of empty sugar calories. Switch to Fruit Teas now and get rid of empty calories and enjoy delicious refreshing drink.  Use the mist and make it everyday.  So easy.  You will thank yourself every day.

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