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Glass Tea Mug with Stainless Steel Infuser (Strainer) & Lid in Various Colors

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Why Do You Need This?

This kit includes a tea mug, infuser and lid and is perfect for home or office.  It allows you to steep while chilling in your easy chair enjoying some "me time" or at your office desk. This is the easiest way to make tea for yourself. The mug, infuser and lid work together to make an excellent cup of loose leaf tea. The secret is the lid that doubles as a coaster on which you can place the wet infuser to keep things tidy.

Top quality materials. Order yours today. Get and extra one for the office.  Free shipping available.

Simple, Neat and Perfect

Make a hot cuppa using the tea infuser basket right inside the 16 ounce Pyrex glass tea mug.  This all in one, 3 piece kit is the best way to brew a single cup of your favorite loose leaf tea. 

The Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

Because the loose tea brews in the infuser inside the mug, no tea pot is needed.   When your tea is done, simply use the convenient handle to remove the infuser from your cup and its tea time. 

The food-grade stainless steel infuser sits on rim of the cup and completely covers the top of the cup and keeps the tea leaves in the infuser - not in your cup. The over-sized infuser is deep and wide. The generous proportion of the infuser is perfect for larger leaves which need more space to unfurl to give you its full flavor. The hundreds of laser cut micro perforations covering the sides and bottom of the infuser allows maximum water circulation for full flavor but still contain the finest leaves and spice particles making a crisp clear steep.  The rigid stainless steel brewing basket will not flex and break like less expensive wire mesh baskets and can withstand a thorough dishwasher cleaning. Holes on the bottom make the basket easy to clean.  This infuser makes your OolongsRooibos and your Chais look and taste much better every time. How perfect! 

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The Tea Mug

The mug is made of high strength, borasilicate glass, commonly called Pyrex. The glass is tough enough for the hot temperatures, yet surprisingly light weight. Borasilicate glass can handle the rapid temperature change from boiling water and is less likely to break than ordinary, less expensive heavier tempered glass. This makes it a safer tea cup to use. The design is simply elegant. The gracious taper is beautifully counterpointed with the elegant handle which is spacious for easy holding but belies its actual size. Unlike molded glass in less expensive tea mugs, there are no sharp mold lines on the handle.  No mold seams is a hallmark of high quality.  

The crystal clear cup allows you to visually follow the steeping process. By monitoring the color of the tea as it brews in your mug,  you can expertly brew your tea to your desired strength. Its simple to use. Now go and show off that beautiful Green Tea to the envy of your office friends!  

The Clever Multi-Purpose Lid

This well designed kit is topped with a colorful silicone and stainless steel lid.  While steeping your tea, the lid not only keeps your tea hot, the designer color lets you steep in style.  The lid provides additional utility by preventing spills while you move around your home or from the office break room to your work area. Because silicone insulates, it keeps your tea hot, but remains cool to the touch for easy removal.  As you remove the lid, inhale deeply and enjoy the wonderful aroma of your premium tea.  But the utility of the colorful lid doesn't end there. After steeping, flip the lid upside down and your lid turns into a coaster for your infuser. You will notice that the lid has a lip which will keep the run-off tea safely contained. This keeps your your table top dry with no drippings.  How neat! 

These convenient tea makers are great for home or office. They're super easy to use and keep clean Highly recommended for your "me time"! If you want to be or are already a serious tea drinker, this is a must have item.

Hand wash recommended.  Made by ForLife in China. BPA Free.

16 ounce capacity.  Use 1 1/2 to 2 teaspoons of loose tea per cup.

How to make loose tea. 

Heat your water in a tea kettle. (see our electric kettle here.)  Place the infuser in the glass mug. Measure your favorite loose tea directly into the spacious, stainless steel tea infuser.  Pour hot water on the tea in the infuser. Cover with lid and steep according to the tea's instructions.  Remove lid and flip it over.  Remove the infuser and place on the lid. Enjoy your tea. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Erika Patterson (Jericho, US)
Best tea mug ever

My boyfriends’ mother gifted this to me a few years ago and has since gotten me addicted to the cinnamon tea.
I thought I had lost it in our moved but recently found it while unpacking another kitchen box… I think I’ve used it to make a mug of the cinnamon tea every day since! Hands down, my favorite tea mug and infuser 😊

We are always thrilled to hear from happy tea customers who are sipping favorite teas from our infuser mugs. Thank you for letting us know, we appreciate hearing you are loving your tea and infuser/mug!

Lisa Conaway (Jeffersonville, US)

I Love this tea mug! It is so easy to use and clean. A main factor for me is how light it is. I have hand issues and can’t use heavy glassware but this is perfect. I turn my kettle on, measure my loose leaf tea or tea bag, pour in the water, put the lid on and steep. Done. I loved it so much I bought my mother one.

Thanks for your comments, Lisa! Don't you also enjoy seeing the tea steep? It is so relaxing and the reward is a great mug of tea!

Sherry wolf (Flossmoor, US)
Love my cup

I bought the glass cup with infuser. Love the size and feel perfect!

Sherry, you selected our most popular infuser mug. It is wonderful to watch as the tea steeps. You'll experience other people commenting on the color of the tea you're drinking. Combine that with the aroma the tea has and you have a pretty satisfying tea experience!