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Ceramic Tea Cup with Stainless Steel Infuser (Strainer) & Lid

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  • Simple, Neat and Pretty

    Make a hot cuppa using the tea infuser that brews your loose tea right inside the 15 ounce tea cup .  This 3 piece kit is the best way to brew a single cup of your favorite loose leaf tea. Simple and elegant design has  no moving parts that are hard-to-clean or breakable. 

    This will become your go-to mug because its easy and fun to use.  Who said loose tea was hard!


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    We generally ship via US Postal Service first class or priority mail This service can be a quick as overnight and up to 3 days in the lower 48. They even deliver on Saturdays. For 9 ounces and up the postage is $4.99 - a great value considering the price of gas and your valuable time. Since most teas are $3.50 an ounce, 10 ounces of tea will get you free shipping.

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  • Steeping Instructions

    1 teaspoon per 8 oz of water. Fluffy leaves like some Oolongs, use 2 teaspoons. For stronger tea use more tea.   There is no hard and fast rules on steeping except over steeping may make tea bitter.   If you are unsure, try cooler water and shorter steeping times. Below are general steeping instructions.  For best results, follow the steeping instructions that came with your tea.
    To estimate water temperature use a thermometer or wait a 2-3 minutes after the water stops boiling. Then the water temperature should be about 165- 185 F. You can gauge water temperature by looking at the bubbles forming at the bottom of the tea kettle.  When pin size bubbles form, the water temperature is about 185F. To take the guess work out of water temperatures, try our electric tea kettle.

    Tea Type Steeping Temperature Steeping Time
    White Tea  170-185 F 1-3 minutes
    Green Tea 170-185 F 2-3 minutes
    Oolong Tea 170-190 F 2-3 minutes
    Black Tea 200-212 F 3-5 minutes
    Tisanes 212 F 4-7 minutes

       Fruit and herbal teas are also referred to as tisanes.

The Tea Infuser

Because the loose tea steeps in the infuser inside the cup, no tea pot is needed.  The food-grade stainless steel infuser sits on rim of the cup and completely covers the top of the cup and keeps the tea leaves in the infuser - not your cup. The over-sized infuser is deep and wide. The generous proportion of the infuser is perfect for larger leaves which need more space to unfurl to give you its full flavor. The hundreds of laser cut micro perforations covering the sides and bottom of the infuser allows maximum water circulation for full flavor but still contains the finest leaves and spice particles making a crisp clear steep. The deep infuser lets make smaller servings of tea. Some infusers are so shallow, requiring lots of water and wasting tea. The rigid stainless steel will not flex and break like less expensive wire mesh baskets and can withstand a thorough dishwasher cleaning. This infuser makes your  OolongsRooibos and your Chais look and taste much better every time. How perfect! 

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The Tea Cup

The ceramic cup is beautifully glazed in designer colors and is simply elegant. The gracious taper is beautifully counterpointed with the elegant handle which is spacious for easy holding but belies its actual size. This mug feels good to hold in your hand. The ceramic construction gives the cup some weight and keeps the tea warm for a long time. The cup is hard to chip and will not fade.  The lead-free glaze makes the cup easy to clean, dishwasher and microwave safe. Five bright and cheery colors to choose from.

The Clever Multi-Purpose Lid

This well designed kit is topped with a matching ceramic lid.  While steeping your tea, the lid not only keeps your tea hot, the designer colors lets you steep in style.  The lid provides additional utility by preventing spills while you move around your home or from the break room to your office work area. Because ceramic insulates, it keeps your tea hot while it steeps. (Without a lid, you tea can loose much heat and become tepid.)  As you remove the lid, inhale deeply and enjoy the wonderful aroma of your premium tea.  But the utility of the colorful lid doesn't end there. After steeping, flip the lid upside down and your lid turns into a coaster for your infuser. You will notice that the lid has a slight lip which will keep the run-off tea safely contained. This keeps your your table top dry with no drippings.  How neat! 

These convenient tea makers are great for home or office. They're super easy to use.  Highly recommended for your "me time"! 

Made by ForLife in China. BPA Free.

15 ounce capacity.  Use 1 1/2 to 2 teaspoons of loose tea per cup.

How to use. 

Heat your water in a kettle. Place the infuser in the glass mug. Measure your favorite loose tea directly into the spacious, stainless steel tea infuser.  Pour hot water on the tea in the infuser. Cover with lid and steep according to the tea's instructions.  Remove lid and flip it.  Remove the infuser and place on the lid. Enjoy your tea. 

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