Using Tea to Recall Memory!

Using Tea to Recall Memory!

Hello, my most wonderful tea people! I am writing this post as I have been pondering on that, often times, in this busy holiday season, as we are all buzzing around to get those last minute gifts, print and send the Christmas cards, bake the cookies, etc we sometimes forget that those around us aren't all home for the holidays or able to be with those they love. This makes me a bit melancholy. Fortunately though, recently, I have been reading up on studies done that link our olfactory senses (taste & smell) to recalling particular memories in our pasts. 

I don't know about you guys, but I find this so interesting! What's even better about this little psychological phenomenon is that this allows us to relive or revisit different parts of our lives through simply smelling or tasting something to remind us! This brings me to the wonderful fact that through the consumption of any one of our delicious teas, you or someone you love can be transported to a part of their lives that they miss or are physically far from this time of year. 

For instance, our most popular, Hot Cinnamon Spice combines three different kinds of cinnamon to envelope you and warm your heart as you reminisce about Christmas's past. Likewise, our lovely Canandaigua Chill, blends together the apples of Upstate New York, strawberry, and a hint of cinnamon, that can carry us back and remind us of the long days of summer on the lake. In the same ways, our teas can help those far from home this season to recall memories of their homes and loved ones this time of year. 

This wonderful little human anatomy occurrence is due to our amazing limbic system. Our limbic system is the part of the brain that controls our memory, emotions, mood, and behaviors. It is one of the most primitive parts of the brain as it is seen to be present in even the earliest mammals. It also works in tandem with our olfactory senses due to its proximity as well. When your taste buds are activated or you smell a certain odor, your limbic system is, in turn, also activated. Once activated, your limbic system begins to recall memories of previous times it had been exposed to similar tastes or smells. 

This year I encourage you to recall memories of times with loved ones or other special memories using our teas. Try a few different ones to see what memories are recalled, you may be surprised! Also, comfort your friends who are unable to be home for the holidays by gifting them a tea to help them remember their past memories! Let us know what you think & if this works for you! Happy sipping! :) - Kay-tea 

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