Shop Local Saturday!

Shop Local Saturday!

Good evening, to my favorite tea sippers! This evening I am feeling overwhelmingly grateful to live in such a beautiful city and area in which we are so incredibly blessed with so many wonderful local businesses! Our Main Street is simply decorated with a beautiful, diverse, and huge array of small shops and restaurants. I am fortunate enough to be employed here at my favorite, Good Life Tea, of course (I'm biased!), but again, we have so many great other options that I want to make sure you are all aware of! 

Below, I will include a list of many of our wonderful business neighbors along with a link to their website so that if you are one of our lovely long distance shoppers you too can enjoy the bevy of businesses we have the privilege of frequenting! 

Gift Shops!

True Lily

Renaissance Good II Shoppe

American Made

Unique Toy

The Salty Dog

Alpaca Country 

Candy or Sweets Shops!

Sweet Expressions 

Sweet Solutions

Chesire Farms Creamery

 Coffee Houses!

The Dalai Java

Gourmet Olive Oils & Vinegars!

F. Oliver's

 Clothing Stores!

Dick Anthony's

Chandeliers Boutique

The Brass Zipper

Jewelry Stores!

Crown Jewelry

Iverson and Company Jewelers

All of these amongst many, many other antique shops, comic book shops, book shops, coin collecting shops, music shops, art galleries, and restaurants grace our beautiful main street. 

We are extraordinarily grateful for all of our local shoppers and we highly encourage you to continue to shop local and support many of these local businesses!

Our merchant's association is kind enough to put on many other holiday activities on our Main Street this Saturday to further encourage you to stop down as well! Join us then to re-experience what small shopping can be like. If you don't live in Canandaigua, consider coming to visit us. We are located right at the gateway to America's second largest wine growing region. We offer a gorgeous lake, complemented by mountains to enjoy skiing on, fresh air, delectable food, and of course, again, our great downtown. 

See you Saturday!

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